Saturday, May 9, 2015

Free OSR Adventure Resource - Cold Drake Canyon For Your Old School Campaigns

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Cold Drake Canyon is the type of adventure that you want to use on your adventurers, fast, deadly and comes in at under eighteen pages. The byplay is well laid out and the level of module makes this a very well thought out adventure to use with both new  PC or to take an experience group through the hollow pipe of this adventure. The set up is classic:
"Cold-Drake Canyon is a mini-setting. It includes maps of the general area, specific locations where action is likely to occur, tables for generating encounters, and a populated Keep that serves as a base of operations for the characters. You (the GM) can expand on the information herein, delete that which you do not want, or add new material that you do. Some adjustments will likely be required in order to align the material within to the gamesystem (edition) you use. (The format of this document relies on AD&D 1st Edition terminology.) Beginning (1st level) characters can find a lengthy campaign awaiting in CDC; it is not beyond possibility that such novices could exhaust all the challenges presented, and leave the canyon with respectable mid-range characters; levels being anywhere from 5th to 8th. Surviving the setting, however, will test the fortitude of such players. Experienced players already having mid-level characters, will hopefully find the challenges exciting, and rewarding as well; though gains of 1 to 2 levels are more likely with such types."
  The set up and execution  for this adventure is pure sword and sorcery design with a slick setting, solid idea for the adventure, interesting monsters and a well thought out plot line for a group of adventurers. The work up is pure 80's D&D with a backdrop among the more easily done adventures to drop your old school types into the mix. Even as a free module the designer/writer knows the game enough to balance the adventure encounters but there is an element of pure deep end kill potential for a party of adventurers. There's an almost Yukon gold rush fever style to the adventure with maps and potential encounters trailing off here and there in the adventure. Tips,tricks, and traps are in evidence and there's plenty of potential for expansion as the DM see's fit. Do I think that this one is worth the download? Yeah this adventure contains everything from a mini campaign setting to a lost Dwarven mine with plenty of opportunities for TPK's. There's also a PC base camp or headquarters included. This module could be dropped into an existing campaign or expanded as needed. I personally think its worth the download especially for a DM to drop this adventure into an existing campaign to take a bunch of PC's right up the level ladder! Happy gaming and the adventure is free. 

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