Friday, January 2, 2015

The Dark Reaches - Hartford Beta Max Black Edition Stars Without Numbers Actual Play Mission Part I

In the darkest reaches of the never been and the outer arms of where once was the PC's helped an ancient and dying ship that was being stripped out by hoards of Mi Go in tonight's Stars Without Number game.
The damn things were crawling across the face of the ship which was anchored outside of the local space time continuum. The whole mess was crawling with mech capable MI Go warriors.

The characters had to awaken the A.I. aboard the ancient ship and not blow the whole mess to kingdom come. The operations went pretty damn delicately and finally they were able to return the ancient ship back to normal space time.
There was valuable cargo on board those saucers as the PC's found out but it was a bit touche' as the Mi Go made things very dicey for our heroes.

These Mi Go really made a mess for our heroes. Finally after sorting out the stealth screens and the tricks and tracks employed by Mi Go. They were able to sort out the bastards and find out that they were guarding six temporal time machines recovered by another adventuring group sometime back aboard the saucers. After a lengthy and complex battle that took up most of the night the players destroyed the saucers and grabbed the other ship and headed out after two Mi Go battle pyramids showed up. And this wasn't a good scene at all. The PC's played cat and mouse with the Mi Go through several levels of reality and then things got really bad.
The Mi Go were armed with Entropic weapons and they weren't taking any chances with the PC
ship after they detonated the saucers rather then let the Mi Go get their hands on time traveling technology. . The PC's gave them a bloody nose and left as soon as possible, drilling through several realities until they can recover and let this sister ship of  their own heal.

In tonight's game some mini's from Actung Cthulhu did a stand in for my usual Mi Go figures. The hive in question was actually the same one as one that made an appearance in my Carcosa WWII mash up game from a couple of years ago. There are more connections to past campaigns that will be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks.

Achtung! Cthulhu Miniatures: Mythos Creatures - Augmented Mi-Go (3)
These minis are available right over HERE

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