Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some Weird Fiction Artwork Inspiration For Your Old School Campaigns

Some Weird fiction as well as sword and sorcery inspirational artwork  for your Thursday morning folks


  1. The guy on the skull would be a good sinister interpretation of the Horned Man from neo-pagan mythology.

  2. Is that Swamp Thing?? What's going on there?

  3. Kind of looks like he's merged with the Floronic Man.

  4. Yeah Rod Thompson I think he'd make an excellent nasty version of the Horned Man.

  5. Well it looks like this is/was the new '52' version of the Swamp Thing according to this review here
    According to Wiki under The Return To The DC Universe section there's a whole section about him.

    Comic Vine contains a hell of a good overview of the character guys and explanations about the 'horned king' or 'Green Man' look for the character here.


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