Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1d10 More Oddities For A Cryogenic Chamber Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

Wake me up next year.
So over at the D Infinity set of blogs, they've put up their new Oddities For A Cryogenic Chamber list right
Well since I love random charts, here's my quick take on this list of sci fi goodness and weirdness.
These are system neutral, and easily converted over to your favorite space based campaign and could even be used in your post apocalyptic space stations and wrecked space craft as well.

 1d10 More Oddities For A Cryogenic Chamber Table 
  1. An alien shape shifter in the form of a human in their late teens or early twenties not aware that its an alien life form. 
  2. Frozen slurry of flesh that used to be the occupant, the thing is now a really nasty protoplasmic life form hell bent on eating everything. What happened? 
  3. A giant super intelligent roach is in the sleep pod, what happened to the occupant? 
  4. Neo cultist from a different space craft has been switched out, he's not going to happy at all. 30% chance of the jerk going nuts from 'sleep sickness' 
  5. A time traveler from another period in history has been frozen. 30% chance of this being a cosplayer, 10% chance they think that their character their playing! 
  6. The occupant has exploded within the pod and then flash frozen. 3% chance of the thing re animating as an undead horror. 
  7. A cyborg warrior drone mistakenly put onto the star ship your on, 3% chance he's actually on the right ship but on a top secret mission. 
  8. 1d8 alien undead dwarf things are asleep in the pod. Very dangerous little bastards and high probability that they'll kill whomever opens the pod. 
  9. An ancient samurai warrior in full armor with swords. Actually an android on route for delivery.
  10. Victim of alien infection and mutation, frozen in mid transformation for delivery. Very dangerous to awaken! 

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