Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Free Weird Wednesday Comic Book Download - Comix International Issue #5 (Warren Publishing) (1977) For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right

This is one of those classic Warren publishing reprints from 1977 which includes some great old school comics reprints in the Warren tradition. Some of these are perfect for use with your old school campaigns.
This issue includes : 
Bowser - This is the story of a boy and his monster, the art is great but the twisted story has some very interesting twists and turns, enough to use as the basis for a modern take on a weirdly humorous old school adventure looking for the victims of 'Bowser' and the horror filled Lovecraftian spawn of this monster. 
The Succubus Stone- What happens when those dark and dangerous magical relics and artifacts from your dungeons end up in a modern setting with dark Lovecraftian overtones? Murder,mayhem, and possibly a story with a lead in for a Call of Cthulhu style investigation. There are some nice monstrous possibilities in this story as well. The stone can provide a few twisted avenues to add in as background for even a D&D style adventure. After where did it come from? Was your party responsible for its recovery? 
Vampirella: The Corpse with the Missing Mind - This story has plenty mad science ends and a bit of a twist or two that might be added in to a post apocalpytic or dark fantasy adventure quite easily. The artwork is solid and its a quick read as well. Nice source material to play around with. 
The Mummy...and an End - Warren takes yet another crack at their own version of the classic Universal movie tale without being a Universal movie. There's plenty of hard core horror elements to pull from for a solid Call of Cthlhu follow up investigation or even a dungeon crawl related to this one. Nice artwork and solid mix of stories is what we've got with this end of a series. Plenty of fodder between the bandages here. 
Deja Vu -Witch craft, past lives, dark implications, and dire warnings spell black magic and trouble in this tale. This dark tale is a perfect modern mid level investigation for a team to come into the story after the fact. A good solid shocker with plenty to offer a DM. 
The Demons of Father Pain- Diabolical murder, dismemberment, and a dark story line that could be used for a Lamentations of the Flame Princess style story or a Gothic retroclone adventure with some artistic license and redressing. 

The Origin of the Spirit - The Will Eisner classic is a perfect piece of adventure fodder for a Strange Adventures or modern style mini adventure. The artwork is classic Will Eisner and the tale is a quick read. Very handy for an evening's entertainment. 

In Deep- A nice Gothic take on the classic tale of survival, murder, and mayhem. A very handy tale to have adventurers come in after the fact and easily redressed for a classic Gothic horror or retroclone style adventure. 

Comix International Issue #5 (Warren Publishing) (1977) was a nice shift up from some of the other material appearing on the comic market back in the Seventies. The quality was a nice change of pace and its great material to pull from and not well known among gamers that much. The vibe of high weirdness and horror twisting adds a certain something when pulling on these comics for your old school gaming. Because its free its an added bonus. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Warren Magazines were always a great inspiration for game ideas. I used to have nightmares when I read Creepy and Eerie as a kid.

  2. Don't worry Chad, I love, love, love, Creepy and Eerie so we've got a metric ton of those being used and reviewed for your old school campaigns! More to come and thanks for the comment.


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