Monday, January 12, 2015

100 Folks Of The Old West, Set 2 From Fishwife Games As Fodder For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

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Westerns have always been some of the been the basis for science fiction, there have been a very familial  little pairing with these genres. Which brings us to 100 Folks of The Old West, another Fish Wife Games product which pretty much can be adapted and plugged into the backdrop of your favorite 'New Frontier' sci fi gaming system. 
You can use this as anything from random encounter chart to colony construction kit for your 'New Frontier'  space colony with little to no effort at all. This is a really easy product to adapt as you see fit but wait there's plenty more that can be done.
With a quick twist of genre this product can be used to populate your post apocalyptic American South West alternative Earth. There's plenty that this can be used for in the deep wastelands of the apocalypse. Since these products are system neutral and yes there's a line of them, are easily used anyplace where the 'Old West' is the setting.
The layout here is sold and easily plugged and played in any system. Since my choice of rpg systems is old school & retroclone than this makes things much easier to deal with during adventure construction, location assignment, loot planting, and system implantation.
On the whole this is one the best incarnations of generic Old West system piece products that has come out in the last couple of months, there are a few reasons why I say this. Its cheap, its quickly implemented, the product is system neutral, its no frills and concise, and its stand alone. 
These are all solid pluses for me to buy this product.
Grab this one and ride off into the sunset. 


  1. Sweet. Always need good western material.

  2. Glad to be of service David and more Western stuff coming up.
    Thanks David.


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