Sunday, January 11, 2015

1d10 Random 'Treasures From The Sky' Table For Your Old School Campaigns

A blast from the night's sky and something incredible rips apart the sky above your party's heads. The night is illuminated by a falling piece of the night itself.
Your world will never be the same again. Here then is a chart of incredible objects from the sky that will change the course of your adventurer's lives! 

1d10 Random 'Treasures From The Sky' Table

  1. The fetus of a alien parasite god thing, come to be worshiped and feed on the pitiful essences of human kind. The stars themselves mock you this night.
  2. The mind jewels of some ancient and vanished alien race which have come to drive you mad and share their tale of pitiful existence in your small world. 
  3. An alien treasure from a god of hate come to test the resolve  and mental fitness of the human race. This treasure grants visions of incredible ancient technology. 
  4. The bejeweled arm of an ancient alien god king +2 weapon but with a blood curse for humans. 
  5. Steel Crown of the Ancient Sky Kings This crown is still upon the brow of its former owner. It gives visions of possible futures and has a 30% chance of driving its own mad with dark revelations.
  6. Pieces of the Cosmic Heart - The broken heart of a murdered ancient god, this artifact retains the depression, madness, heart break, and lust of its owner. The thing can transfer these feelings for 1d100 miles to human hearts and minds. The artifact must be gotten rid of or it will drive men to madness and murder. 
  7. A piece of a giant iron sword broken from some nameless battle in the sky. The thing can be worked with special nameless fire from a nearby volcano temple  into a +2 weapon but must be 'named' and 'blessed' with its first kill in the blood of an innocent. 
  8. A strange tainting god parasite thing that crawls from the pit of its horrid birth to feed on the land but the thing leaves semi precious jewels in its path of destruction. Bad luck and horror follow in its wake. 
  9. An iron rod covered in alien writing bathed in alien radiations that will taint and twist mutation into anything it touches. A potent weapon of cancerous destruction. 
  10. The shattered remains of some ancient black monolith thing that twists the very air with reality warping powers and mind shattering illusions created by the broken memory of the ancient god who was murdered by it. A dread thing of old and ancient prophesy.

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