Monday, January 5, 2015

Free Psycho Magazine 1973 Issue # 8 For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right Here 

Another Monday brings another free old school Skywald download, Psycho magazine was always a favorite of mine. It was a perfect blend of high weirdness, old school horror, and more. This issue features some impressive offerings. Skywald has a distinctive feel by comparison to the Warren Publishing affairs. Some of their material seems a tad more lurid and on edge or perhaps that's just me. 
We start out right out the gate with a look at the Grand_Guignol which if you haven't used this vernerible theater of the mind and blood for your old school games especially Call of Cthulhu or Lamentations of the Flame Princess as backdrop material clink on the link.

It doesn't get any more perfect to set your investigators or adventurrs on edge then the grand illusions and plays of the theater of blood. Place it as you will and enjoy the spectacles. 

A Gargoyle - A Man is a very interesting twist on a very old tale. This tale features the first appearance of a pair of very unlikely and wonderful heroes in the form of a husband and wife set of gargoyles. If you've never thought of a monster as a PC then this is an excellent resource to start with.
There are echoes of the Frankenstein myth mixed in with low level Satanic cult and their demonic Lovecraftian horrific minion. This story is a nice gate way for a horror campaign where man is more of the monster and the monsters are far more humane then the men.
Another nice e middle article on Lon Chaney Sr., there's actually a really nice little resource as film catalog of some of Chaney's best and most interesting films. 

Good fodder for an old school horror DM or players, Chaney never disappoints.
Devil's Woman is simply perfect for a Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg or Call of Cthulhu rpg set of NPC's . A down and dirty cult of occultists right out of a Hammer film done right. Marv Wolfman, Andru, and Esposito crank up the occult action in this one with monster straight out of the Lamentations summoning spell table. A nasty little cult perfect to unleash on a modern or Renaissance or psuedo European dark fantasy country of your choice. 

'Have You Ever Seen The Black Rain' is a multi chapter whirl wind of Dark Fantasy and horror in the weird Hammer style of Skywald. This is a nice take on the dark legacies that were spun out in the Gothic penny dreadfuls and are perfect fodder for a dark legacy in the New World. Nice background fodder for a CoC adventure or an old school horror story. 
'Filthy Little House of Vodoo ' makes an excellent adventure location for any old school horror game but CoC comes to mind with a Seventies dark background. It includes a nice set up for a sprawling NPC wizard and packs of ghouls roaming the countryside. 
A Bad Choke is a nod back to the ghost stories of the Fifties and makes a nice little quick encounter with ends of the dire attentions of a ghost. The PC's come in right at the end and the action can pick up from there. 
City of Crypts - One part dark adventure encounter, one part CoC fodder, and the perfect twist on the Egyptian mummy story with a boomerang thrown in at the end. The PC's come in find the 'girl' and there's the potential for a very large lost city mega dungeon. Which brings us to the close of Issue number Eight. 

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