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Roll XX From Neoplastic Press For Your New Or Old School Campaigns.

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So there's apparently an entire back system of weird random charts that I wasn't even aware of. This is a part of the Roll 'XX' family of game books which is really a nice piece of work and slight of hand bit of editing on Neoplastic Press's part.
I ran across the title last night whist playing that Thundarr game. So what is it? Well its a hundred and one pages of sheer awesomeness packed into a genre bending dose of utter weirdness wrapped up with character after chart of game neutral goodness that can be used right across the campaign board.
And its open source.
According to the Rpgnow blurb:
Roll XX is a system-agnostic book of random tables for fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, and horror role-playing games.
Packed with adventure hooks, story seeds, NPCs, magic items, spaceships, demons, and locations, Roll XX features 90 questions and 1800 answers.
And it's open-source!
All proceeds from this book will be used to purchase clothing for the orphans at the Noel Children's Home in Kenya.

   I've never heard of the Noel Children's home in Kenya but I know a great piece of gaming real estate when I see it. This is one of those rare titles that can be applied straight across the gaming board and while I favor the 'old school' approach to my gaming materials this book can be used to seed, grow, and expand campaigns at a rapid and somewhat staggering rate with the mind boggling amount of charts in the 'XX' line of books. From post apocalyptic, horror, modern, and old school fantasy this is a book with a chart for it. The fact that its an organized and concise execution of a book is an added bonus. The book covers most of the major areas of gaming in one go. This is the adventure construction set and random set of charts that your going to want. This book is inventive, dangerous, and somewhat insidious because it allows the DM endless options to mix and match their creative juices in the form of charts that can construct and add  all kinds of high end and low end options to a campaign, encounter, adventure, and more all at the toss of the dice. 
So I can easily see using a nice and tidy portion of this book as fodder into a post apocalyptic or sword & sorcery campaign. The material here in some of the charts easily covers such a wide range of material that adapting isn't a problem. Narrowing the focus might be though and that's not the product's fault so much as the DM. 

So say that you really love the charts in Roll XX and you want to use them in your own games or even 'gasp' a published adventure? Well friends this is an open source supplement and it can easily be done with a simple mention and personally some back pointing to Neoplastic press.
This allows this system to sit right in the back of your campaigns and where the rest of the XX lines of books comes in.
There's a certain amount of style and grace to having something like this system adding itself quietly in the backdrop of your old school adventures. The book clocks out at a jam packed one hundred and ten pages but boy it is it wall to wall ideas in a nicely wrapped can of gaming goodness. Needless to say, pick this one up and toss Neoplastic a few gold pieces for their well deserved efforts.
Very nicely done folks. 

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