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1d10 Random Waste Land Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are places all throughout the wastelands that offer adventurers looting opportunities, weird locations perfect for a party to stumble upon.  Places where wizards as well as artifacts of super science are still held just waiting for adventurers. Here then are a host of adventure locations where your adventurers might find deep dangers. Locations of high adventure and terror. 

File:"TEST STAND 1-5, AIR FORCE FLIGHT TEST CENTER." ca. 1958. Test Area 1-115. Original is a color print, showing Test Stand 1-5 from below, also showing the HAER CAL,15-BORON.V,4-10.tif

1d10 Random Waste Land  Adventure Locations Table
  1. An underground military base used as a hanger for experimental drone A.I. air craft that patrol the area and use this location to spy on and locate communities for future kill sites. The place is heavily guarded by 1d10 drones but its a prime location for pre apocalyptic relics. There are 1d4 military death machines that patrol the area though. 
  2. A large former salt mining facility is now used as a temple by the local fantical post apocalyptic Lovecraftian cult. The place was used as a former storage facility for super science and military technologies. There are 1d10 temple guardians heavily armed with energy weapons. 
  3. An ancient missile silo and underground bunker is now the site of a death cult who are searching the desert for the launch codes for their towers of death. The place is a vast underground relic location strong hold for military secrets of the Ancients. There are 1d6 android mercenaries patrolling the area. 
  4. An ancient robotic recharge and maintenance shed for many military and highly classified death machine technologies. There will be 1d8 death machines and robotic units meeting at the place. This is  very intense high super science relic area holding some powerful and ancient technologies. There will be 1d8 mutant monsters feeling off of the strange energy emissions coming off the place. 
  5. There is a cache of highly dangerous super science artifacts that has suddenly started giving off weird radiations, these energies have attracted a family of giant mutant scorpions or aberrant mutant spiders. There are 1d6 mutant tribes also attracted by the weird radiations coming from the artifacts. 
  6. A strange underground bunker and vault combination has suddenly opened up automatically,anyone venturing into the place hasn't come out alive many are saying it is the abode of the gods and the resting place for their goods. It is said to be seven levels deep and patrolled by the 'spineless ones'. 
  7. An underground robotic storage facility has recently been found this weird maze of machine lined tunnels is said to yield some very rich pickings and rusty gold. But it is home to dangerous and evil machines that will destroy any who venture within. 
  8. This underground parking facility is home to over a hundred pre apocalyptic vehicles and other strange technologies but it is patrolled and maintained by hoards of religious fanatics all of the android people. There is a 20% chance of encountering one of the mad and homicidal machine things. 
  9. This underground facility is of unknown function but it has become the abode of a wizard of dangerous aspect. The magical mad man has taken to kidnapping and imprisoning some of the local mutant tribes for unknown purposes. Rumors of rich artifact finds abound however. 
  10. This former military bunker has become the headquarters for a local cult of Cthulhu said to sacrifice when the moon is gibbous. The bunker holds rich relics and artifacts according to legend. Already strange mutated fish people have been seen at night surrounding the place.
File:Underground postern to the UCP.JPG

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