Monday, January 12, 2015

More Cosmic Tales From Metal Earth

You can read it
Michael "Aos" Gibbons has been busting his hump creating some very entertaining and really cool old school images. Cosmic Tales is a combination of old school pulptastic comic style with weird sci fi tales drawn through a filter of Jack Kirby material twisted around Gibbon's own warped imagination. The comic draws heavily on is science fantasy and old school roots that the author/artist loves.
You can see this already in his Metal Earth blog but Cosmic Tales turns this appreciation and influence up to a solid 'eleven' and then some.
Yet this is his own setting, world, and work done with a sense of style and boldness.

Michael packs a hell of a lot per panel making it a joy to go back and pick out all of the details and high weirdness he packs into the background of the comic.His new character design hint at more interesting things to come! 

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