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'The Sun, The Moon, and The Water' A Mutant Future Adventure Encounter For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The Atlantic waters around the former state of Maine, are deep,cold, and deadly. But the port of Yor is a welcome sight to many ships who sail the waters of  Altered America. A place where pirates, smugglers, and fishermen alike of all genetic makeups can put to port.
Here a complete port awaits a ship and crew if they are ready to put aside their weapons and trade.
The port has a fully stocked and ready mix of businesses ready to serve sailors across the port from from rope makers, to sail wrights, to inns and hotels. The port city is a post apocalyptic point of rich trade and yet piratical forces or other mutant horrors dare to attack this place.

 File:Constantine Volanakis Sailing ships 12.jpg

The Lovecraftian races such as the Deep Ones and their ilk avoid these waters for some dark reason. Sailors for years have tried to divine the reason for this but attribute it to the presence of the 'Sea Gods' but those of the aquatic mutant races know better. For your is actually home to the 'Sea God's children'.

File:I. E. C. Rasmussen - Seascape with sailing ships in high waves (1863).jpg

Ages ago a school of Mamula, a mutant race of mutant mermaids and mermen settled in the area. An agreement was struck between land folk and sea folk. And this peace has stood for over two hundred years. Until now.
Illustration by H. J. Ford for Andrew Lang's The Orange Fairy Book.jpg
Each year the best and brightest men as well as well as women are brought from surrounding communities to the beaches surround Yor. In a massive feast and mating rite, the species of Mamula continues for another generation. Such is as it has been for the past two hundred years. 

Le Jardin de la Mer - Auburtin - 1910.png

But now Deep One hybrid pirates threaten this peace with a coming attack. The Mamula family, 'The Archers' has land side agents combing the countryside for adventurers. They are making discreet inquiries for those willing to journey into Innesmouth Massachusetts. The heart of Deep One territory on the East Coast of the Altered States of  'Merica.

Photo from the horror classic Dagon.

They are offering a major artifact for the job or 10,000 gold pieces for such a risky mission. The archers have a representive willing to meet with the characters. But the secrets that the party learns about who really controls Yor may be far more dangerous then they know. The Mamula are fickle and dangerous allies at best. There is a 30% chance of them double crossing the PC's in order to maintain the secret of their control over the rich port city.
Innesmouth has been recently over the last few hundred years reconstructed and occupied. The cults of the Deep Ones have used a combination of piracy,occult muscle, and sheer slave labor to rebuilt the capital of what they feel is too be the capital of their empire and they have plans for expansion.

The PC's will be caught between the sun, the moon and the water if their not careful. 
Far More information about the Mamula can be found right over
HERE  on Chris Van Deelen's Blog. 
Page 27 illustration in The Red Fairy Book (1890).png

No. Enc: 1 

Alignment: Chaotic 
Movement: 150’ (50’) Swim 
AC: 6 
HD: 5 
Attacks: 1 bite, two claws or tail slap or two elbow slashes, or sonic bellow 
Damage:  1d6+2+special (see description), 1d4+1 / 1d4+1, or 2d6+2 or 1d4 / 1d4 or 5d6 sonic damage 
Save: L6
Morale: 5 
Hoard Class: G

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