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Thundarr and Carocsa Cross Over One Shot Adventure Fall Out & Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #46: High-Tech Weapons 4

In case you missed the Thundarr and Carcosa Cross Over One shot the other day there were some very interesting ramifications from the one shot game. The least of which was the activation of a very dangerous and some what unpredictable artifact called the Moondial from the PC's world inside an old military base and bunker.  The wizard from this particular game has been lost to the Outer Darkness between the planes.
But that set of ruins was covered. And it was a pretty damn extensive dungeon out in the middle of the wastelands. Read more right HERE
The Moondial has been uncovered and artifacts especially cursed artifacts have ways of becoming problematic at best to PC's.
I mentioned the number of crates, boxes, and weapons around the ruins as well. These hi tech toys of destruction  taken from Issue #46's Wisdom of The Wasteland High-Tech Weapons 4

File:Painted desert-storm.jpg
The dimensional/time gate of the Moondial is open and who knows what or whom might come through that gateway? Well this same facility has appeared a couple of times in my campaigns. A store house and R&D military arm used for developing and tinkering with technologies better left undisturbed in the preapocalyptic world known as the 'Toybox'.
From this issue of WW there were several variations on the grazer weapons, micro nuclear war head launchers, and even a warp beam weapon. Trust me you don't want to mess with these.
'The Toy box' was formed after the events of 'Night of The Living Dead' and several other world incidents which were kinda like precursor events to the big apocalyptic event. A sort of preview of coming attractions of the Apocalypse.
Here the 'Toybox' complex sits with its open time space gate and its vault doors closed quietly humming to itself as a series of dimensional levers across planar space time click open and closed like so many gears on some giant clock. 
And now someone is paying very close attention upon Hellish world as a bunch of PC's are approaching the outer edge of an alternative version of our solar system!

Looking into the the source material for this cross over one shot
Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #46: High-Tech Weapons 4

There is plenty here to pull from for grade A top pre apocalyptic military hardware.  Military cutting edge madness to pepper your old school post apocalyptic campaigns with and tempt your mutant adventurers with as well arm your NPCs to the teeth. And that's the beauty of this issue. There's a ton of charts, variations and nastiness to arm a Death machine straight out of the gate. 

Grab It Right

This issue contains a very tight arrangement of military weaponry systems and the science fictional weirdness behind them. We've got everything here from variations on beam technology, dart gun systems, micro nuclear warhead launchers, and the big guns like warp energy blasters.
For a game like Mutant Future and the various retroclones systems that surround it. There was always an air of weird comic book desperation about Thundarr lurking in the back ground of the wizards, barbarians, and mutants. That's the grim paradox of cartoons set in the post apocalyptic world. Yet there was always a sense of fun about the whole affair.
This issue brings home the gonzo reality coupled with the 'gee wiz' factor of games such as Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World first and second edition which are really the foundations that Mutant Future is based upon.
Basically I've used some of the comic book explanations from this issue of  WoW to explain some of the weirdness of Carcosa in a backhand sort of way while maintaining the mysterious of some of the artifacts and weapons systems of the campaign.
In the end this is a whole artifact tool box crammed into seven pages of  Wisdom From The Wastelands goodness.
Note that Skirmisher Publishing does not acknowledge or have any party to this campaign. This is a fan table top role playing campaign and no trade mark or copyright violations are intended toward any of the properties mentioned in this blog entry. This blog entry is for entertainment purposes only. Thank you. 

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