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Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection by Goodman Games Kickstarter

You can find a ton of information and pledge right over
  • Goodman Games in partnership with Flying Buffalo is offering a wonderful little kickstarter with Grimtooth's Traps for the ultimate collection of mayhem. 
  • According to the Kickstarter page : 
  • All right humans, this is your chance to own the 460-page hardcover compilation of all five of my systems-neutral Grimtooth’s Traps books – plus loads of extras! We’re talking 500+ traps and maybe me making a guest appearance in a Dungeon Crawl Classics crossover module. I’m Grimtooth the Troll, and I’ll be your guide on this Kickstarter tour, so gird your loins, get your dice and let me tell you a tale

Since the early 80's the Grim Tooth's series of books has been making its appearance at my table and have served in numerous capacities over the years. The series has legions of fans & is an all time favorite of mine and now we've got a great kickstarter for this project.

The Kickstarter has made its goals and the project will hit the ground running. Some great stuff in these books. 

Here's the low down on the meat and guts of the project : 
This is what the humans at Goodman Games say you need to know about this Kickstarter event: 

  • Published by Goodman Games under license from Flying Buffalo (and with my permission), this 460-page hardcover collects of all five of MY Traps books, including the original eponymous 1981 edition as well as Traps Too, Traps Fore, Traps Ate, andTraps Lite. Every trap from the original five Grimtooth’s books is included – there are no exclusions!
  • This massive tome is systems-neutral, containing more than 500 traps suitable for all fantasy systems and games. You have never had so many trap options before – use them well…
  • My book will be available to you mortals in multiple formats: a basic softcover for table play, a durable hardcover for longer shelf life, and a gold foil edition for the serious collector (available in both faux and real leather, and with a slipcase).
  • Face it – this is a homage to a VERY important piece of gaming history. (Mine!) The book features a foreword by noted dungeon designer Harley Stroh, and also includes an extensive interview with the original creative team, a cover gallery showcasing 30 years of editions (in both English and many foreign languages), and a look behind the mysterious submission process – including my legendary “Grimtooth’s Submissions Box” that sits majestically on a shelf in the Flying Buffalo offices.
  • And I have created more than a dozen new traps specifically for this volume. For the first time in a decade, the Grimtooth’s submissions box has been cracked opened again, and more great entries have poured out to an unsuspecting world!
  • Plus the humans at Goodman Games are giving you the possibility of several exciting stretch goals to make this epic project even more impressive: printed endsheets, a satin ribbon bookmark, the cover gallery in full color, a custom dust jacket for KS backers, and a gatefold page featuring the Grimtooth board game that was first mentioned more than 20 years ago!
  • And if you’re really lucky we might do a cross-over with the Dungeon Crawl Classics line, allowing me (Grimtooth) to make an appearance in a special DCC module produced just for this Kickstarter!
  • And to wrap it all up, primary Grimtooth illustrator Steve Crompton has dug through his archives to find original art from the earliest books. This original art is available as part of the deluxe book pledge levels!

Here's the bottom line -- Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection is a gigantic collection of over 500 awesome engines of destruction, delver dicers, character crushers, adventurer anxieties, minion munchers, hero harangers, general tricks, traps and other rare and dangerous items for use in defending game master treasures! 

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