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New Lovecraftian Monster - The Phkeh Giants The Children of Rhan-Tegoth For Your Old School Campaign

Beyond the pillars of the remains of the last remaining stones  of Hypberborea and the ancient altars that saw the blood of our ancestors that now lie under the depths of  Iceland are  the dwelling places of the under water monster things. Giants who are the spawn of Rhan-Tegoth The Great Old One once the most cunning warriors of the cannibals known as Gnophkeh. They are the twisted immortals remains of this once proud but cannibalistic race of insane worshipers of the Great Old Ones.
The warriors of the Gnophkeh were given to the tender ministrations of Rhan - Tegoth who mutated these beings into more pleasing shapes of flesh and bone to dwell in the depths and guard certain sacred shrines, ancient summoning places, and places sacred to the Old Ones. Today these giant engines of rage and fury dwell in the wild places summoned by the old ways to emerge from the seas and visit horror as well as  insanity upon the victims of the cults of Rhan- Tegoth.

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“Iä! Iä!” it was howling. “I am coming, O Rhan-Tegoth, coming with the nourishment. You have waited long and fed ill, but now you shall have what was promised. That and more, for instead of Orabona it will be one of high degree who had doubted you. You shall crush and drain him, with all his doubts, and grow strong thereby. And ever after among men he shall be shewn as a monument to your glory. Rhan-Tegoth, infinite and invincible, I am your slave and high-priest. You are hungry, and I provide. I read the sign and have led you forth. I shall feed you with blood, and you shall feed me with power. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Goat with a Thousand Young!”
HP Lovecraft The Horror In The Museum
The Phkeh Giants were created from the last surviving warriors tribes of the Gnophkehs who considered the honor to under go the insane and mutating rites of Rhan- Tegoth. The Old One made the humanoids into more twisted and pleasing giant shapes. The newly created Phekeh giants are twisted humanoid giants of unholy aspect with gills and lungs able to dwell on both land and in the night less depths of the Arctic and Antarctica Oceans. 
The Pnakotic Manuscripts give accounts of the Phkeh Giants laying waste to entire villages of the Voormis and later attacking proto human fishing communities. The violence and rage of these monsters is only matched by their appetite for humanoid flesh. They attack with vicious claws, a wicked bite, and may vomit forth a vile  poisonous acidic stomach venom which will eat through most metals and organic compounds with easy. 
The peoples of Lomar drove these giant insane horrors away with ancient and powerful magics from ancient Saturn but this was not enough to end the reign of these beast things on Earth. It is said that this knowledge came to them from the Voormis which in turn came from their god Tsathoggua. 
Today the Phkeh Giants hunt and move in our deepest oceans and are summoned by the obscure cults of Rhan-Tegoth. 
 Many times these giant horrors can be found ancient ruin and dungeon complexes where they sleep and awaken to feed in rage,violence, and insanity. They often act as stand ins and living idols for the cults of Rhan Tegoth accepting sacrifices and visiting the rage of their god upon its victims. 
The Phkeh Giants

No Appearing: 1-4 
Move: 12'' 
Hit Dice: 12+1-4 
% In Lair %: 60 
Treasure Type: E 
No.Of Attacks: 3 
Damage Attack:1-3/1-3/5 -30
Special Attack:Breath Weapon for 4-24 ( The Phekeh Giant is loath to use this weapon because it leaves the monsters slightly weakened)
Special Defenses: Impervious To Cold 
Magic Resistance: Standard 
Intelligence: Low To Average (with a devious and dangerous attitude) 
Alignment: Chaotically evil 
Size: Large 20 tall
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack and Defense modes : Nil 
 The Phkeh Giants can dwell in either fresh or salt water,and attack a hail of minor tendrils from the body or the very dangerous vomit attack which will be in a 1/2'' wide stream that extends up to 6 '' straight line to its target. 

These murderous bastards sometimes dwell in deep fresh or salt water where they slumbers sometimes for months or centuries at a time. These horrors have gained at some point gained in the past the ability to absorb DNA  and reproduce themselves in a victim by warping the victim's DNA into a more dangerous and insane mirror of their own. There are certain lakes, swamps, and other deep water standing structures where the  Phkeh Giants have been sighted in the past. 
 The Phkeh Giants also have the ability to slowly recover from seemingly mortal wounds by eating and absorbing the flesh of victims and regenerating over time given 1d20 days. 
There are legends of these horrors using magic in the distant past but this ability seems to have been lost in the past. 

Gift of Rhan-Tegoth
Summon The Phkeh Giants 
A New 8th level Spell 
The wizard goes down to ocean and with a ritual dagger dedicated to Rhan-Tegoth. The wizard burns a set of specially prepared deep Earth fungus which is swallowed while chanting for over 52 hours. A small cut is made in the lower stomach and 4 feet of small intestine is magically drawn out. The user utters twenty two names of the god thing Rhan-Tegoth. The giant will appear in 1d8 rounds and will telepathically ask the user's wishes and appear to take the sacrifice offered.
This spell is universally and utterly regarded as black magic and there variations that require the murder and anyone possessing copies of this spell will be tortured and then executed. 

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