Monday, January 19, 2015

1d10 Random Unlikely Adventurers To Run Into In The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are folks that your PC's might randomly run into from across time and space in the post apocalyptic wasteland. Exceptional individuals who can help them out of a tight jam and wander back once again into the mists of myth and legend.
Folks like Bill Towner Electrician and Adventurer from "House Two the Second Story ", Reggie Banister from the Phantasm Series, and many more. 
Bill is a professional with over twenty years of experience whose handled a number of cross dimensional incidents and problems.

Reggie Banister is like wise an icecream man/soldier in a never ending war with the Tall Man's undead minions and dwarfs. He's appeared in a number alternative dimensions throughout the Phantasm films 

Given the status of these types of heroes its very likely that your mutant scavengers or relic hunters might run into such individuals of courage and resourcefulness at some point in their careers. Here's a handy encounter chart to keep things interesting. 

1d10 Random Unlikely Adventurers To Run Into In The Wastelands Table
  1. A pair of 4th level fighters and adventurers who happen to be exceptional plumbers. Very good against mutant fungus 
  2. Alien bounty hunter after a deadly mutant infestation who happen to be intergalactic criminals. 3rd level thief 
  3. A gun ho survivalist and gun nut who packs 1d6 deadly fire arms 5th level fighter/adventurer drives an '89 SUV
  4. Four occult investigators and scientists 6th level armed with positron gliders and portable nuclear accelerators. 
  5. Two clerics/exorcists of 5th level who are seeking a very dangerous demon. Armed with two automatic pistols. 
  6. Consulting detective and his partner 7th level occultists armed with archaic fire arms and magnifying glasses. From Victorian England. 
  7. Two construction workers armed with fire arms including automatic weapons. 3rd level fighters who wear sunglasses that allow them to perceive reality and frightening vistas of dimensional horror. Out of bubble gum. 
  8. Team of six mercenaries armed with automatic weapons and driving a black van. 5th level fighters and tinkers able to fix,modify, and create improvised weapons of incredible destructive power. These fall apart within 1d8 days. 
  9. An ordinary seemingly  nondescript gentleman dressed in 1987 fashion whose actually a 5th level thief/6th level scientist. Able to improvise any make shift device for an adventure. All he needs is a stick of gum. 
  10. A deadly cyborg/adventurer actually a fighter of 6th level with various cybernetic related  abilities.


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