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1d10 Wasteland Princesses With A Twist Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Here are a group of NPC Wasteland Princesses with a twist these ladies aren't the helpless damsels of  post apocalyptic pulp fiction and gaming. These folks are competent heroines in their own right and might end up risking life and limb to help your party of adventurers out of a jam or two. Perhaps they might be mighty patrons for the PCs as well.

1d10 Wasteland Princesses With A Twist Encounter Table

  1. A warrior queen and her band of cut throat adventurers, Ala is a 6th level warrior whose carved out a steady swath of wasteland conquests for her people. She is competent, ruthless but fair. She has a few minor mutational abilities and access to some preholocaust vehicles. She is on a quest for her super scientist father. 
  2. Princess is a chaos spawned female cat mutant of Siamese descent who is an adventurer and assassin in her own right, she is looking for adventurers to help her take down a ring of slavers. She rides a hover cycle and has access to some minor energy weapons. 
  3. Glenda The Witch Of The Wasteland is 10th level wizard from a world of technologically inclined elves who rejected her people's love of technology and embraced the tradition of magic. She escaped to the wastes after a harrowing trail by her people,she is determined to help some of the local communities. A very capable wizard and adventurer who hires others to seek out treasures and relics in the wasteland. She lives in an emerald tower of magical stone. 
  4. Silva Malone is a former 1950's adventurer whose found herself in the post apocalyptic wastes and is now on a mission to find out why. She is armed with two pearl handle forty fives and rides on a police special motorcycle that came with her. She takes on cases of a supernatural bent and rides the wastes solving these missions. She hires adventurers from time to time to help out as back up, hired muscle, and more. 
  5. Ellie Dupront the heiress of wastes, a former cryogenic patient who has awakened in a world gone mad. Rather then panic Dupront has gathered a group of like minded people with the vast telepathic abilities she has received. Her gifts have allowed her to take over a former mansion deep in the wastes surrounded by a community of warriors. She hires adventurers for jobs and recovery missions. She adventures herself in  high end hover cycle with her lover body guard Eva. A former soldier and competent fighter on her own. Eva loves things that go bang. 
  6. Madison Daily - Mutant super heroine from one of the Outer World territories whose strength and courage are only equaled by her blaster and right hook. She has a space craft base deep in the wastes and a band of clones who help her out. She has a vendetta against several of the Lovecraftian cults out in the wastes. She helps out fledgling adventurers and often hires mercenaries for jobs. She runs a string of merc outfits across various worlds. 
  7. Mother Thompson is a traveling shape shifting being who appears to be a nun/adventurer and the last being you'd suspect of being an adventurer. She's one of the best, switching shapes as quick as she pleases. She hires adventurers to help her as back up  and to look after the orphanage that she happens to take care of. She hires adventurers for relic recovery missions as well.
  8. Queen Diamond This flashy mutant adventurer has made a name for herself as a relic and weapon broker par excellence. She has a tribe of orcs and half orc mutants who have been helping her for years. Based near Las Vegas, she hires out adventurers and rents them out on various missions to wizards, warlords, etc. She may help adventurers out but will call in 'favors' much later. Diamond is garbed in a crystalline armor of alien design and adventures from time to time to keep her 'edge' sharp. A ruthless and very dangerous fighter who favors laser weaponry. She has two communities under her protection. 
  9. The Kapalowski twins are two bards/entertainers who are also highly skilled adventurers and spies. They sell information and use a wide variety of sonic based weaponry. These ladies travel the wastes as part of their own carnival and side show specializing in 'human' talented acts in a world where mutant powers have become common place. The Kapalowski twins often strike out on their own gathering intel and communicating with the wizard Sathro, their foster father. They are searching for their parents and sometimes hire adventurers to help with relic recovery jobs or to help continue the search for their birth parents. 
  10. Snake Charmer is a sorceress of no small talent specializing in Lovecraftian monsters, mutants, and cults. She often appears mysteriously and offers adventurers an opportunity to turn the tide against the forces of evil. She is ruthless, mysterious and can be dangerous. She pays well in gold or relics and expects results. She will help adventurers but her motives are suspect at best. She operates in Europe and on the Eastern United States sea board. 

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