Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Electric Cannon Weapon System For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Theses are the prizes of adventurers across the wastelands of Ruined Europe and the Martian wastelands. These are the weapon systems that kingdoms go to war over and battles are fought in the wastes. These weapons are sometimes used to battle the machinations of Brain Lashers, Mi Go, and other Outer Darkness alien threats. 

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Electric Cannons were used extensively during the so called Interstellar Wars of the 1900's into the 1930's. This twelve man crew heavy weapon is capable of hurling a chunk of metal magnetically over 150 miles into enemies and destroying critical equipment and logistical assets.
The United States Military force could before the onset of the apocalypse deploy these set up for the electric cannon in less then  four hours time from ship side to battle field conditions. They were used extensively throughout the Mars conflicts and in the European theater.
Now found within the Martian wastelands and in the wastes of certain sections of the ruins of  Europe.Many lowlander mutant warlords seize these guns when they're found and have warrants out for any relic hunters and adventurers who find these weapons.

How Often Found : Rarely 

Required Crew: 12 plus four soldiers for machine gun nests 
Structure points: 60
Armor : Force Field Generator AC 3 Field 
Weaponry: two machine gun nests 
Electric Cannon 10d6 per shot 
Range:150 miles 
Ammo: 40 shots usually found with cannon, each shot worth 600 gold pieces

These weapon systems are priceless to collectors, warlords, and communities where they have served with distinction over the centuries. There are very few communities capable of producing the required replacement parts for this weapons system.
They are worth over a 100,000 gold piece when they come up for sale. 

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