Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dark Reaches - Pluto Bound Hartford Beta Max Black Edition Stars Without Numbers Actual Play Mission Part II

The PC's ship arrived in the outer edges of our solar system near Pluto and discovered a United Planet's ship in sleep mode with 200 Riccian warriors in stasis on board. They were expecting a trap but the minor A.I. systems were in tact. There was little fuel and the ship had dropped out of hyperspace having run from some battle. The party only found out it was Mi Go later on.
The area that their in is very forbidding and tonight's game was mostly an investigation of this ship and an automated refueling station in deep orbit around a very remote planetoid.

File:Artist’s Impression of a Kuiper Belt Object.jpg

The ship was a converted colonist and luxury craft now used for troop transport. The sleep pods were nominal and in the green.
The spike drive was off line and the redundant hyperspace system was low on fuel.

The PC's were able to get most systems on line and cautiously boarded the craft with a probe unit. That's when they detected a time space warp gate in engineering. The gate is stable but further investigation indicated that it would move with the ship should they tow it out of deep orbit.
The refueling station was on full automated status even though it should be fully occupied by Riccian United Planet crew at this point.

Weirdly enough records aboard the fuel station had the ring ship in its registry but none of the Riccians had any memory or recollection of it. The ship had been built while the crew were in sleep pods aboard the Battle Star Lemuria.
Records aboard the fuel station indicated that the crew who were missing had tangled with the Mi Go but the hive worlds of these horrors were not present much to the relief of the PC's.

There were indications that the star ship had tangled with an ran from the Mi Go after a protracted contact period.
After a complete and very by the book investigation of the ring ship. The PC's docked and came aboard. They let the Riccians take charge and get many of the lesser systems on line, bring some of the A.I. functions and computer systems back to spec and then check out the time gate.
The PC's sent another probe through the gate and arrived in a type E world with beautiful mountains and a strange set of ruins with recent horse tracks. There were indications of primitive tribes, some psychic activity, and a vast complex set of  underground ruins from which the gate way was being projected. The gateway of course leads straight to this world HERE
For now the PC's are in a deep orbit around the fuel station and are very cautiously peering into the darkness and keeping an eye out for the Mi Go. They've tangled with them a few weeks ago and have no wish to deal with them again ... yet.
Ending up in a brain cylinder doesn't sound like fun at this point.


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