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100 Local Places Of Business From Fish Wife Games For Your Modern and Post Apocaltytic Campaigns

100 Local Places Of Business

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Fish Wife Games cranks out a great list of  local businesses that can be used as adventure location set dressings or perhaps as random encounter locations. This list sets up a fantastic number of businesses with everything a DM needs to populated your ruins or modern city locations right from the ground up.There's plenty of businesses to explore and for a party of adventurers to stumble upon.
The list can be also used to randomly create a long list of quick encounter locations to populate the ruins of some random wasteland locations in the post apocalyptic landscape with little to no fuss. According to the Rpgnow blurb: 
This 100 list is perfect for quickly churning out local places of business to fill up a modern setting map with. Naturally, as such, this is also a nice way of
getting an idea of what sort of businesses existed prior to a zombie apocalypse, mutant alien invasion, or nuclear war. Simply roll the percentile dice and
consult the chart for a name for each business location and the business type.
Each entry is given their own separate set up, with a quick little note and that's it. Background, monsters,etc is all up to the DM and this creates a vast amount of room for the DM to add in the flavor that they want. ?By using this product a dungeon master can create entire neighborhoods of ruins and a landscape of random consistence that can be used for anything from Mutant Future, Mutant Epoch all the way to a modern crime game all with the toss of the dice.

Using 100 Local Businesses From Fish Wife Games
For Your Old School Campaigns

So because of the nature of the product there's plenty of room to sneak this into a night of gaming as OSR set dressing. The fact is that it can be used before, during, or at the time of a random ruin encounter during play. Think of the random charts that seem to populate post apocalpytic rpgs. You need a business as a back drop to that ruin you just rolled up. What is it? Why is there a ray gun there. What the heck is this place that has an L23 blaster rifle and a skeleton in body armor?
Right so a look on the handy 100 local businesses and its a pizza joint. The soldier was defending a woman and child. Now that we know that its a pizza joint could there be more loot in the kitchen? That's a perfect spot for an encounter with a one eyed flying fungus colony.

100 Local Places Of Business
To flip this situation on its ear, there's plenty of opportunity to use this list for a modern crime or super hero adventure. Your hero crashes through a store, shop, or business only to find some crime happening in the erm. Wait roll, roll, the breezy hair salon where the 'Medusa' gang has been hiding importing in energy weapons under the guise of hair products.
How about a murder in the local roll,roll, bowling alley which was owned as a front for the mob and the owner's brother was a powerful Don whose eye on his brother's wife caused a rift. Not to mention the issues with local law enforcement. So it was curtains.
With 100 local businesses there's plenty of opportunity to advance, use, and draw heavily on the back stories of your imagination. All this for the price of less then a fast food menu set of fries and with far more utility. 

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