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1d10 Random High Level Encounters From The Supernatural Ice Realm Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

What happens to a world where the demi  elemental plane of ice touches the Earth? A world where the plane of  Ice descends taking the world by cataclysmic surprise. The 'Supernatural Storm' was such an event coating the Earth in a wreath of storms and blanketing the world in an incredible event of cosmic proportions. This is a world of winter savagery,sorcery, and super science.
It is a place of exploitation.
Adventurers come from across the planes to pit themselves against the elements, the monsters and the environment itself. Monsters from across the planes stride this world in search of prey and sport drawn by the elemental winds. 

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This is an Earth  where ancient races and legendary creatures have returned with a vengeance. A place of incredible beauty and extreme danger, human life is cheap and the forces of fairy have come to domination once again.


The icy hell of Dante's Treachery also comes into phase with this world providing demons and devils especially  ice devil access to this world and they're dangerous hunting games with this Earth's local inhabitants.
This is a world given over to the forces of darkness and wintry Chaos.

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This world connects with the ancient cities of the Elder Things dimensional. The mountains of madness in the Antarctica are connected  through ancient and blasted Leng to this Earth.
The Elder Things use this world as a test bed and staging ground for their genetic creations.
Ancient and terrible monsters are sometimes seen in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. And often the skies are filled with the cursed winged ancient alien beings, they are as mysterious and evilly inclined as ever.

There, all alone in the hush and the dusk and the cold, rose the uncouth atones of a squat windowless building, around which a circle of crude monoliths stood. [This was] the remote and prehistoric monastery wherein dwells unaccompanied the High-Priest not to be described, which wears a yellow silken mask over its face and prays to the . . . crawling chaos Nyarlathotep. (Dream Quest, p. 351)

1d10 Random High Level Encounters From The Supernatural Storm Table
  1. A pack of 1d8 winter wolves comes to harry and hunt your adventurers, they are ruthless, implacable and very dangerous. 
  2. A band of ice giants 1d6 of them who are aligned with the Wendigo cult are taking a trade caravan prisoner for sacrifice at a local temple. They are very dangerous hopped up on mind crystals and will attack with very little provocation.
  3. A family of cannibalistic 1d4  Yeti are under the influence of an ice demon and hunting anything to feed the incredible hunger that gnaws at them.  
  4. You spot a set of complex ruins ahead, there are readings and radio waves coming from the structure. This is actually a trap set by a band of local ice pirates. The place is home to an ancient ice dragon of actually considerable intelligence who has a family  of ice reptilians loyal to him. They have minor mutations similar to his draconic abilities. 
  5. A cult dedicated to the Wendigo has a base in some ancient city ruins, the operate a old radio station and control a sat set up. These mad bastards have 3 para elementals bound to their wizard and use a variety of snow hover craft armed with machine guns. They are headed by an evil wizard possessed by this ancient spirit. 
  6. An ice cavern has been formed from the ruins of several buildings, this place has an evil air about it and it is the home to family of Remorhaz. They are guarding an ancient horde of super science artifacts sealed in 'preserve gel'. The artifacts are worth 5000 gold pieces. 
  7. A giant frost worm erupts from the ruins of some ancient foundations of an underground parking garage. The thing seeks prey and has recently feasted on a wizard's carcass. There are type H artifacts within its cavern lair and a 'female worm' waiting to feast on humanoid carcasses. 
  8. A flock of 1d10 ice mephits circles and wheels slowly overhead hunting the souls of the living for their infernal masters. The sound of their gossiping and talking can drive sane men mad. They are a highly aggressive flock and can smell innocence at fifty clicks or better. 
  9. 1d10 ancient ice skeleton warriors are on sleds pulled by ancient ice hounds of the damned. These are third level fighters or better hunting for slaves for an ice wizard in need of experimental fodder. They have three enchanted swords among them. 
  10. A band of 1d8 ice trolls on a hunting expedition for their dark master for slaves. They are armed with high intensity super science ice projectors capable of freezing and breaking steel and other metals. They ride in sleds drawn by mutant polar bears. 

1d10 Relics and Artifacts Table From
The Supernatural Ice Storm Realm. 
  1. +1 Ice dragon tooth dagger hilt wrapped in mutant seal leather,glows in the presence of elemental magic and humanoids. 
  2. High tech eye goggles with quick light adjusting lens for snow blindness with binocular vision capabilities 
  3. A wand of ice illusions capable of projecting the dreams and thoughts of the mind of the user at its target. Twelve charges. 
  4. Mi Go Brain chamber with a living mind of a super scientist inside it. 
  5. Elder Thing bio flesh goo capable of healing many types of major trauma and injuries. 
  6. Flint lock rifle made to operate in the extreme cold with special snap crystal ingination system. 2d10 points of damage per shot. 
  7. Ice ray projector 5 shots, capable of making 5 meters per round ice from the moisture in the air. 
  8. A crystal of solid froze time, capable of seeing 1d8 hours into the future. Capable of freezing time in a 50 meter radius for 1d4 rounds. 
  9. A four centimeter metal cylinder of shaggoth material 
  10. Piece of Uri metal from a meteorite from the Outer Darkness, good for making protection from demon and devil wards. 

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  1. One might tie multiple incursions into the Antarctic ice core data. Deep time.

  2. And I'm going to be doing exactly that Rainswept, glad you liked this entry. I'm going to be doing more with this setting as time rolls on. I've got a tie in with Lamentations of the Flame Princess coming up tomorrow. Cheers pal.


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