Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Strange Stars By Trey Causey For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

Strange Stars is a brand new Seventies style interstellar sci fi/science fantasy setting book cram jam packed with new space faring cultures, monsters, peoples, NPC's, technology,etc.
According to the author's blog:
The full-color, premium paper soft cover is coming soon--hopefully in the next couple of weeks. The system books for Fate and old school style gaming (Stars Without Number compatible) will be out later this year. More information right over HERE

Grab It Right

So I've been watching and waiting for this title for months and been watching the evolution as well as creative process on Trey's blog for months. This is some pretty damn exciting stuff for the sci fi/sci fantasy fan here. I can't wait to see this product in the flesh as it were. The Pdf is available right now at Drivethrurpg. Personally I'd grab a copy and get into Strange Stars. 


  1. Oh gosh your welcome, when you'd like a review just let me know Trey! Cheers!

  2. Oh hell yes I'd be glad to review this sucker, you've been teasing the hell out of me for weeks with great artwork and entries. Really getting my space itch to take things back into the great beyond! Cheers!


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