Friday, January 23, 2015

Review of The Free OSR Download Steven A. Cook’s Chaos Hordes For Your Old School Campaigns

Thanks to Gorgon Milk's blog right over HERE for throwing this bit of OSR awesomeness my way. The Chaos Horde's Pdf is a twenty one page OSR download by Steven A. Cook that converts most of the major players of Chaos into Labyrinth Lord horde of nasties for a DM to use.
Special thanks to the OSR Today blog for the heads up on the details of this product. But what's in the pdf?
The download contains a ton of magic items, chaos powers, monsters, minor main line NPC's, lesser and greater demons of chaos, and much more.
This material is perfect for adding a Moorcockian flare to your old school adventures and scaring the living daylights out of your players. There are quite a few familiar faces in this free download. But is it good? In a word its very well done.
File:Symbol of Chaos.svg
Grab it Right Over
Is it nasty? Very nasty stuff from Steven A. Cook's pen and its all about the NPC's evil powers run ram shod over the DM's campaign. There's no way this pdf was meant for the PC's. These things are pure chaotically evil incarnate given the form of an OSR supplement.
That being said the book goes into solid detail for the labyrinth Lord retroclone and its perfect to really get a party into the DM end of twisted chaos horror mutational nastiness. Is it well done? Very well at that. A good chunk of the Chaos material from yesteryear is included in here and its perfectly suited to add right into an old school campaign. 

I have plans for this material in an upcoming campaign. You can find this and much more old school content over at Steven’s blog The Borderlands.


  1. Hey, thank you! I'm jazzed you liked the 80s Chaos Nasties done LL style! Very much appreciated. :-)

  2. You are very,very, welcome Steve C. I absolutely love the Chaos Nasties that you did. I still have both of my copies of the Realms of Chaos books. I can honestly say that this is going to save me a ton of time. So thanks for all of your efforts in doing this, I've got a solid slot of use for this material in an upcoming campaign adventure. Cheers Steve C.


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