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1d10 Guardians of The Gates And Keys Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are ancient spirits and guardians who wait  outside of time and space guarding the very cornerstones of ancient reality from interlopers and adventurers. Here then are an assortment of random 1d10 encounters with some very dangerous spirits.
These minor god spirits and guardians can be found guarding gates, treasures, and powerful spell components. 

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1d10 Guardians of The Gates And Keys Table
  1. Dalarthug-hub - The dreaming Olympian this godling is responsible for the passage of magic between the realms of dream and reality. He is amorous and somewhat lonely but resposible for keeping forbidden knowledge from the hands of ordinary men. He carries a staff capable of canceling 40% of most common magics up to the seventh level. He wears a crown of stars and floating diamonds. 
  2. Dhabomaot - The ancient praiser who sings between the voids, this spirit is all that remains of a once proud pantheon of lost and excinct gods. This spirit whispers to his ancient comrade's spirits now lost as he watches the heavens for the next cycle of 'end of days', he answers questions of prophecy and foreknowledge while keeping monsters from the ID from accessing our world. He has a sword forged from the dreams of deepest sadness. This is a sword of sharpness and demon slaying. He has the head of a ram and can tell when one is lying to him. He knows many hidden paths between worlds. 
  3. Ehalot The Witness - This ancient godling of wisdom knows many lost or forgotten spells of ancient gods. He also knows the true names of and hellbound demons whose add he may call upon. He cares a wand with the bound spirit of a phoenix within it. He can cast any fire related spells with incredible power. He stands at the the threshold of life and unlife. 
  4. Haste - This is the elemental spirit of flame and ancient stars to be. He is the incarnation of the cycle of the stars  and ancient flame. He is called upon when new weapons of the gods need to be forged and cleansing flames beyond the ken of man are needed. He is very good at casting illusions of dancing flames and fires. 
  5. Ibommol - The spider queen of Archea five, this weaving goddess has the torso of a beautiful woman and stands within the web of fate. She is called upon to trap certain types of demons and undead within her webs. She consumes the souls of these over the centuries to come. 
  6. Llotlonyola - The Walker Between, this daughter of Kali is a demon slayer and sword mistress to the gods. She teaches the celestial dances of sword, blood, rust, and passage. She eases the passage between life and death. She abhors undead and slays them with her vorpal blades. She is called upon to slay demons and devils. A bloody handed goddess.
  7. Mathana The Prince - this spirit is made up of the collected souls of millions and millions  dead souls hatched int this ancient patch world spirit. The thing wishes to return the Earth to a primal state. This being is tireless and is called upon to guard dangerous paths and ancient treasures. This spirit is called to find lost things and to allow passage into other worlds. 
  8. Meiholzh  The Bleeder - This being is all that remains of a once proud pantheon. This being is an amalgamation of twenty two gods. It stands watch over several gate systems. This being is forever watching for trouble from the Abyss. He is called when a demon's true name is needed. He will bargain for valuable gold or dice. 
  9. Othonor -The patron of dreams, this being looks after the forgotten gateways that hide within all dreams. He may be communicated with telepathically.We're given to believe that his staff and wand connect to Earth's dream lands and their gods watch over this being. He hates Narlytholtep they have clashed in the distant past. 
  10. Phora -The mistress of Azathoth and a Lovecraftian horror trapped in the body of a small actor and mime. The being is called upon for her knowledge of the beginning of time and space. She carries a scepter of unmaking. This will do 4d6 points of damage each strike. 
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