Monday, January 19, 2015

Review of Mad Monks of Kwantoom From Kabuki Kaiser

This is a book that can be thought of in two ways as one a complete tool kit to run an incredible kick ass oriental adventure campaign & it contains everything your going to need run this for yourself as a solo player.
 And it does contain Ninjas as well. The book is jam packed with everything you need to generate a ton of lost pagodas, a ton of oriental monsters, new PC classes and right now its five dollars.
 Is this title worth it? Yes, and then some. Mad Monks is well written and perfect for the retroclone and traditional OD&D style gamer. The material is really a labor of love on the author's part and I'm happy to have taken a look at this one. 

Grab It Right
So what's in it? Well according to the Drivethru Blurb:
In a nutshell, Mad Monks of Kwantoom features a wondrous Asian setting with new character races and classescrazy unique creatures inspired by matchbox pictures coming straight from ancient China, alternative petty magic items, tables for random dungeon generation and simple house rules for all of this to run smoothly. In addition, you'll find campaign rules
 to help you flesh your characters out and embed them in the setting, which they can change and mold according to their whims as they proceed to glory, prosperity and — who knows? — immortality.

This material will work easily as well for both Advanced and Basic D&D quite easily. The author manages to capture the look and feel of  a Far Eastern setting with an equal mix of panash and style in equal measure.
This is an expansive campaign tool box with lots and lots of bells and whistles to play with. The fact that's its a labor of love is really something that shines through and a lot of effort went into the setting and background. And all of this is at your finger tips in spades.
The appendixes, background, monsters, dungeon elements add to this one with a twisted sense of  a nod and wink to the DM to put this material to good use. The author knows the ins and outs of  dungeon design and the workings of the Old School asthetic and how to use them to best effect. There isn't a sense of , 'You must use this material this way'. Instead we are given an expansive palatte of old school goodness to design everything you need for a variety of old school far Eastern adventures and an entire campaign setting which you can fill in and DYI to your heart's content. A very well done and fantastic product. This book needs far more attention and is really my go to source for all things Oriental in D&D lately. Do yourselves a favor & grab this one! 

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