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1d10 Unexpected Lovecraftian Reproductions Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

I saw the body spread on that dank stone,
And knew those things which feasted were not men;
I knew this strange, grey world was not my own,
But Yuggoth, past the starry voids—and then
The body shrieked at me with a dead cry,
And all too late I knew that it was I!Fungai From Yuggoth
HP Lovecraft
Someplace between the dark of stars there are chance encounters with lesser gods and goddesses of  Outer Darkness. Beings brought into existence by the dreams of Azathoth and his lesser spawn. These beings sometimes take on enough of an existence to meet alien life forms enough to be worshiped and gain a toe hold upon existence but their very nature can be inimical to mankind. Many of these beings represent alien aspects of the corners of existence and may bend the biology as well as sanity of the targets of such a meeting.
A chance meeting with an ancient fertility higher planar life form is always fraught with danger, insanity and dread. Here then is a chart of the results of such an encounter and the unintended reproduction result.
Note that these results may affect male, female, or any engendered individual. Alien biology does not care of such petty trivialities. Horror and terror comes to all.

1d10 Unexpected Lovecraftian Reproduction Encounter Table

  1. The skin around the target's shoulders swell and a new weird god life form buds off of the should blades of the victim. The thing will fully form in 1d8 hours and there is a 20% chance that the creature may try to devour its parent. 
  2. Weird energies warp 1d8 of the target's limbs which will drop off in 1d4 days and form into a pack of weird alien life forms or carbon copies of the original parent of various genders and ages. They will have the memories and details of the original parent. 
  3. The flesh of the individual become alive and begins to separate from the parent, it will form into a strange alien flesh being thing with the consistence of a slime. It can create 1d8 more mini monsters from itself in six days. 
  4. The victim  bursts forth in a hail of 1d200 alien amphibian life forms who have the face of the of the parent. 
  5. The target has within them a small alien clone fetus of themselves that will reach term in 1d8 days upon which surgical procedures must be done to remove the horror from the victim. 
  6. An ancient and powerful wizard grows from the buttocks of the target. The thing will take 1d4 months to bud from the victim's posterior and will be an old and wrinkled thing. 
  7. A secondary organ or limb grows from the head or back of the victim, it will have a completely different mini face and voice from the victim but will share the body of the victim. It is alien and of a much higher intelligence then the parent organism. 
  8. The hands of the victim turn into mouthlike lamprey alien organisms that sing the praises of the Old Ones. There is a 30% chance of them trying to murder their parents in the night. 
  9. The victim's arm drops off and turns into an alien female of some ancient and extinct race. The thing will be a clone of the parent but with its own agenda and the abilities of an evil cleric of 2nd level. 
  10. The victim will vomit forth every 1d10 days a fully formed alien bird like creature of weird and insane aspect. The parent however will not be harmed by this turn of events. 

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