Monday, January 5, 2015

1d10 Lost Interstellar Colonies Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

  • In the final decade of the 21st century, men and women in rocket ships landed on the moon. By 2200 AD they had reached the other planets of our solar system. Almost at once there followed the discovery of hyperdrive through which the speed of light was first attained and later greatly surpassed. And so at last mankind began the conquest and colonization of deep space.
    Opening Monologue From Forbidden Planet 1956
    Out in the strange depths of space in the long isolated darkness between the stars after mankind has trodden the vast blackness and settled upon a number of worlds who knows what fate will be fall his colonies in space? Just like the classic 1956 sci fi classic Forbidden Planet, your adventurers may be hired to find out the fates of some of these 'lost' and weird colonies of mankind in the blackness.
    Here's a table to help. 

1d10 Lost Interstellar Colonies Encounter Table
  1. The colony has come under the influence of a weird alien artifact and has begun to resemble an insect hive in society and behavior there are strange a twisted secrets within it. 
  2. A colony of ancient Old Earther religious zealots thought long extinct is practicing ancient rites in full splendor and including among its ranks human sacrifice. Could an ancient alien power have taken over? 
  3. A group of never before seen aliens is now living along side the colonists and colonists have mutated in unexpected ways. What's happening with the colony. 
  4. Weird alien artifact now sits in the middle of the colony and there are strange energy readings echoing out now from the colony. Where are the colonists? And why have all of the structures of the colony vanished? 
  5. A single ancient giant sized planetary silver sphere is in deep orbit around the colony and there are aliens down on the surface instead of the humans. Why and what has happened to the colonists? 
  6. Towering ancient Lovecraftian deities statues as large as sky scrapers dot the landscape. There are now hundreds of scattered villages across the surface of the planet and the colony is there what has happened and why are there strange life form readings at the edge of the system. 
  7. The colony has set up an incredible unexpected power source of alien origin and generating far more power then it needs. Who or what is taking the extra power. 
  8. There are far more colonists then was originally settled upon the planet. The life form readings are strange and slightly mysterious. There is a slightly sinister air about the place as well. 
  9. An ancient monolithic giant flying saucer hovers above the colony. There are weird structures northwest of the colony and the colony is broadcasting several messages back and forth to the saucer. What is going on. 
  10. A giant sky scraper sized ruby sits next to the colony. There are weird power readings coming from under the colony and several strange stone altars around the place scattered about. The PC's receive weird telepathic dreams. They dream of ancient dragons and strange treasures deep within the mantle of the planet. 


  1. I love that pulp cover art! So much good artwork from those books.

    Fun list! I may have use for it in the near future...

  2. I've got more of these lists coming up Fractal bat! I love, love, the sci fi artwork from these magazines. Great stuff.


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