Saturday, January 3, 2015

1d20 Random Deep Space Comet Finds Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

Adventurers and deep space explorers sometimes need a seemingly easy mark between missions to earn a few extra credits & ease the time between space stations by providing themselves with some well earned extra treasure and adventure opportunities.
Comets can provide a mini world of adventure and a few old school encounters to boot. Here's a quick chart of such finds that can easy the moments between the big score or even provide a star ship crew with a few cheap thrills.

1d20 Random Deep Space Comet Finds Table 
  1. Space Craft fuel grade methane in ice form that can cause 1d8 points of damage if a spark ignites it. There may be 1d4 minor 'space leeches' guarding their mating patch of material 
  2. A Cat From Saturn AC 4 HP 10 Damage 2d8 claw, looking for prey and a space explorer is the perfect meal to chew on. The monster will turn the astronaut to goo and process the whole thing for fuel and mass 
  3. A pool of liquid solar slime similar to green slime from the Monster Manual but capable of living on a comet's surface as a space born fungus life form. 
  4. Spinning organic crystals capable of cutting perfectly into a space suit for 2d6 points of damage arranged as a lattice across the surface of a comet. Blends into the background. 
  5. A space banshee energy life form, a form of undead that drains anything it finds AC 9 HT7 Damage 2d6 per strike regenerates as troll. Starving and very hungry. Has energy crystal hoard of 1d8 crystals for harvesting. 
  6. Alien pirate skeleton left behind by a raiding party. The skeleton has 1d8 minor items for salvage. 40% chance of ghost haunting those who find this poor wretch. 
  7. Black Space Slime as per black ooze but found in space. Left behind as toxic waste by aliens. 
  8. Alien mine does 3d8 points of damage and radiation hazard check as well. The thing will trap any with mono molecular razor wire doing 1d8 points and will then go into count down mode. 
  9. A small probe like droid remains which will broadcast a jamming wide spectrum broad cast for 3d6 months at a clip. 
  10. Ancient alien coffin belonging to some robotic hell beast long since gone from the comet. There are 3d100 rot grubs in thing surviving on the ancient womb remains left behind. 
  11. Wrecked manta fighter craft belonging to some ancient robotic life forms. Core still good. 20% chance of salvage. 
  12. A geyser of ancient water with a 40% chance of special properties and weird effects see appropriate matrix else where. 
  13. Evil ice element creature aggressively defending its home and lair.
  14. Ancient frozen Lovecraftian god thing, now encased in massively thick ice. But's eye regards you. 
  15. An ancient cabal of alien sorcerers fossilized within rock. Very dangerous looking but harmless with a 30% chance of being under some ancient curse. 
  16. An ancient temple complex rife with age and hoary with the weight of time. Dare you explore it. 
  17. Part of an alien factory & mining works with 3 levels and abandoned machinery. 
  18. 1d4 giant comet slugs AC6 HT 10 Damage 3d8 per strike with acid damage. Coring out this comet and very touche's about getting disturbed during their meal. 
  19. The skeleton of samurai from Old Earth in armor and with swords. 30% chance of animating and fighting as a fighter of 5th level. Under a curse. 
  20. A star spawn of Cthulhu sleeping within the confines of this comet awaiting when the stars are right again. 

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