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1d20 Random Finds From Deep Within A Stellar Nursery Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaigns

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There are technologies within old school science fiction rpg games that allow PC's to skim and harvest materials, treasures, and even spell components from the interiors of stellar nurseries where stars are born but what material will they find there? Here's a handy find chart to help sort out what things might be encountered. 

1d20 Random Finds From Deep Within A Stellar Nursery Table

  1. Star matter so dense that it must be held within a gravity controlled force field at all times. Capable of powering an entire world sized space station. Does 3d6 points of damage instantly to anyone attempting to handle it. 
  2. A baby godling held within the corona of stellar elemental energies. The thing may wake up very cranky. 
  3. A very dangerous plasma fire elemental of Max hit points. Very passionate and angry capable of destroying a small space craft easily. 
  4. Stellar nanny goddess looking after her charges and won't take kindly to intrusions 
  5. Bits and pieces of left over planet rich with semi precious metals and gems. One to two tons of material. 
  6. A group of Efreet playing in the corona of the younger stars and harvesting star material 
  7. A ribbon elemental worm feeding off the stellar material and worth a small fortune. The thing is similar to a purple worm of max hit points. The thing will spit a gob of elemental material for 3d6 points of damage. 
  8. A stellar tape worm feeding off the young stars and leaving packets of other worms in the surrounding stars. 
  9. A giant meteor caught within the gravity well of a star. Very vital elemental lifeforms and salamanders crawl over its surface. The gravitational forces can rip a space craft apart easily. But the salamanders are worth a fortune to a wizard or alchemist for space ship cores. 
  10. Plasma material semi sentient a brush of which 3d6 points of damage across radiation spectrum and magnetic range. 
  11. Young elemental prince manipulating the gravic forces around the young stars and creating proto matter for a new project. Open to trade for the material for songs and stories for an upcoming celebration. 
  12. A swarm of Mi Go harvesting rare stellar elements for a near by hive. 1d100 of the interdimensional insane bastards are swarming near the outer cloud formations. 
  13. A positive plane material elemental gathering light and stellar material and exchanging energies with the young stars. There will be 1d10 bits of dross after its done for gathering. 
  14. A colour out of space's egg spheres gathering energies. It will hatch in 1d8 days hungry for human or Earthly life force. Very dangerous cargo. 
  15. A young proto star life form looking for 'play mates' nearby is a stellar embryonic sac of material worth a small fortune. Communication is possible through radio waves. 
  16. A portal surrounded by molten gold leads to a quasar. 3d100 tons of the material can be gathered but it is not normal gold but of a type used in alchemy and super science operations. 
  17. Plasma energy life form from a nearby star making sure the latest harvest of energy goes well. A 'crop' of 4 tons of material explodes across the surface of the stars causing incredible fire works and a hoard of material that can be caught in a special magnetic field. 
  18. The fried remains of a space craft that got caught in an explosion of stellar material. Its worth a small fortune because of the drive system. 
  19. A strange alien monolith spins round gathering magnetic waves for some odd reason. Thirty three metal spheres dance around the waves. Each one is an alien solid silver metallic treasure. 
  20. An alien sphere thirty kilometers round gathers the alien energies of the stars. Strange solidified star stuff floats around just waiting to be picked up. Be careful because this stuff does 4d6 damage to anything it touches. 

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