Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Down In The Desert Of The Demons - Thundarr and Carocsa Cross Over One Shot Adventure Actual Play

I went over my friend Peter's house tonight last minute and ran a Thundarr The Barbarian/ Carcosa mash up game tonight.

This game took place in the former painted desert region of the United States after an army base had been uncovered by local warlords in cooperation with at a local wizard Valudus. 

File:Painted desert-storm.jpg

In tonight's Mutant Future Thundarr The Barbarian and Carcosa one shot the PC's were adventurers dealing with a local warlords and wizards who had teamed up to deal with several villages of locals who had uncovered a hidden base and underground bunker of the Ancients.
File:AZ Painted Desert 1920x1080.jpg
photo by James Melatis
The fabled resting place of one of the Moon dials of the Ancients a fabulous time travel device of myth and legend. This particular Dial was supposedly cursed and led to vistas in time of forbidden and dangerous aspect. 

The party met at the 'summer house' of the sorcerer Tiberius The Mad. A desert hermit who happened to have trained as a sorcerer under the alien wizard Shal -Go The Wise.
Tiberius had indulged in a bit too much of the 'red weed' when a youth gaining vast insights into the nature of the planes but also gaining some frightening bouts of paranoia in the meantime.
Tiberius became aware of the disappearance of the residents of Los Demenos after the local tribe of Moks went missing.
The party consisted of six players and gathered at the Earth Ship 'Summer' house (more information about the house of Tiberius  HERE ) in a council of war.
The party consisted of six players including :
Michael The Brave One Barbarian  5 th level 
Shago The Magifiicant 6th level sorcerer 
Shot Gun John Mutant Fighter 4th level 
ORI The Mok 
Jerri The Red 5th level Barbarian warrior woman from The East And Bolox The Android 5th level fighter 

The World of Thundarr the Barbarian for Mutant Future
Available right over

After riding to the abandoned village of Los Demenos,  the party was ambushed by Carocs mercenaries  armed with energy weapons and allowed themselves to be taken prisoner.

You can find out more about these radio controlled mechanism of menace from right over
The party was taken to the canyon hanger of the Moon Dial's temple complex and fought their way almost to freedom until the ancient device activated itself hurling the party and itself though a space time window to the dread shores of Carcosa! 

Needless to say that the party was pretty panicked and then they saw that the local wizard had been very busy trading a bunch of slaves for radio controlled automatons from some undead soldiers in black uniforms from a rather large saucer.Were trading with the wizard as radio controlled robotic minions watched the proceedings with faceless gazes. 

Suddenly the mutant lizard men were eaten by a multi -tentacled thing of incredibly alien aspect. A spawn happened upon the proceedings and attacked all present. The party and NPC's
fought the thing for what seemed like hours. Energy weapons drove the thing back but a stray bolt hit the dial activating it again!
The party was carried away by another space time warp as the wizard was engulfed in the spawn's tendrils and taken to the Outer Darkness after a failed Dex roll.
The party fought their way back from the time space shadow with their sorcerer's help and managed to grab the villagers and Moks from their energy cage. 
The PC's found themselves back on Old Earth along with the missing villagers and Moks.
An illustration of a monster in Carcosa by Rich Longmore

All in all not a bad one shot game for this evening. 


  1. One shots are neat. Fun that you can have those, as well as longer games.

  2. One shots are great Whisk, they don't affect regular campaign events and allow you to play in some out of the way environments with little to no fuss.
    Happy 2015 Whisk to you and the family hon. Cheers!

  3. I've been wanting to use the World of Thundarr/Mutant Futures stuff for a while now. I really need to get it to the table.

  4. I know that Tim Snider has moved on to the wonderful Cryptworld material of his but the Thundarr stuff of his has been needing to be used again. So it just seemed time! Cheers Fractal!


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