Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #49: Unique Superscience Artifacts V From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic and Old School Campaigns

Here's a powerful set of super science artifacts and relics of high weirdness for your campaign's  the post apocalyptic wastelands. This issue goes into a whole host of incredible relics that can change the pace and ramp up the amount of trouble that comes a party of adventurer's way.

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #49: Unique Superscience 
Artifacts V

Grab It Right

There are eight major artifacts here that cover an entire range of subjects with mini backgrounds and setting notes for each relic. These artifacts could be mini campaign events into themselves and the Skirmisher crew knows how to create a whole range of weirdness for your wasteland with story and adventure elements for an entire campaign's worth of adventures. The writing here is solid and well done, the ideas original and well thought out. The opportunities and adventure hooks abound if you know where to look and there's plenty of them if you know where to look in the entries.
According to the Skirmisher blurb: 
It contains eight potent items suitable for use in many different sorts of modern, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic games, including the Ice Fountain, Master Remote, Bear Mask, Big Al's Horn, Cat Mask, Chef Cube, Crown of Ultimate Power, and Dome of Fire — and all for just $0.99!?And their not kidding. Use these artifacts in your post apocalyptic campaign very carefully.
These are artifacts of power that can shift the entire balance of a campaign or mutant kingdom. These things can move entire communities and populations. The artifacts mark the Ancients as gods and madmen who were toying with power beyond the pale of convention. These things can and will mark a PC with their use and passing. Make no mistake the power here is frightening on a number of levels for communities no better off in some cases then cavemen.
The artifacts are a diverse lot as well. There's no Mark twenty four blasters here, instead we get a full range of artifacts from the interesting to the subtle all in one nice bite sized little nugget of high octane post apocalyptic bit of Skirmisher publisher goodness. Grab this one and roll in into the back drop of your Mutant Future or old school post apocalyptic campaigns. 

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