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1d10 Treasures & Encounters From Beyond Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The skies are alight with the remains of tremendous battles of the gods and titans in the boundless darkness of the roof of the sky. The skies light up with incredible displays of power and what remains calls to adventurers from other worlds to clean the landscape of the remains of the flesh of the gods. Here then is a table of random 'treasures' From Beyond.

Leonid Meteor Storm 1833.jpg

1d10 Treasures From Beyond Table 

  1. 1d8 giant pieces of  Mithril covered with radioactive rim and toxic blood that in 1d8 rounds turns into black slimes and puddings which will attack the nearest PC! 
  2. Dead jewel encrusted god flesh that turns into a pile of semi precious stones in 1d8 rounds. These can be used to create superior energy weapons. 
  3. A ten foot long piece of a weird black blade that gives off strange feelings of lust, battle, and murder. Yet this weird metal can be forged into a series of short swords that will hold a superior edge or as shields able to resist energy melee weapons. 
  4. A strange wriggling piece of dead flesh with bits of diamond embedded in it. The flesh will turn into 1d8 proto trolls in 2d8 hours and find some dark hole to slink off to only to return to cause mayhem and murder. 
  5. A giant piece of ancient god metal able to be used for the fuel core of a space craft. Worth a small fortune but its more then slightly radioactive and causing the plants and animals to mutate. 
  6. A chunk of Rhine gold embedded in the crater that is the resting place for a 'Colour Out of Space'. The gold is surrounded by an aura of myth and legend calling to locals in their dreams. 
  7. A piece of ancient jade the size of small loaf of bread that has 1d8 ancient ghosts attached to it. The ghosts will try to kill anyone who handles it for more then 1d10 days. 
  8. An ancient fabulous piece of the world tree that looks like an incredible piece of artristry and worth a king's ransom will in 1d10 days sprout into Ents. There is a 10% chance that these plants might be flawed and chaotically evil. They will be very dangerous to the locals should this happen. 
  9. A very large golden earing lands near by but its cracked and something has emerged from within. A very dangerous golden slime creature that turns things into gold with its touch. This creature will create 1d40 pounds of gold per round but its a toxic waste hazard happening. The creature is worth a small fortune to the right super scientist or ancient alchemist specializing in these horrors. 
  10. A giant arm band belonging to some ancient god has broken apart. It is of woven gold and workings. The thing sends out feelings of murder and mayhem to all monsters within a 30 mile radius. Trolls, orcs, and humanoids respond to the siren call. If the world does not it will make the very rock boil and rolls creating 1d8 trolls of superior aspect to cause horror and mayhem. 

Theodor Kittelsen - Sj√łtrollet, 1887 (The Sea Troll).jpg

"They call me Troll;
Gnawer of the Moon,
Giant of the Gale-blasts,
Curse of the rain-hall,
Companion of the Sibyl,
Nightroaming hag,
Swallower of the loaf of heaven.
What is a Troll but that?"
—Sk√°ldskaparmal: 53

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