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Radio Police Automaton 1924 For Your Post Apocalyptic And Old School Campaigns

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Frequency : Uncommon 
Number Appearing: 1d6
Hit Dice: 10-12 
% in Lair:20% 
Treasure Type:- 
Number of Attacks: 3 
Damage Attacks: 2-8,2-8, Special 
Special Attacks: See Below 
Special Defenses: Nil 
Magic Resistance: Immune to charm,sleep, and mind affecting spells 
Intelligence: Nil
Size: Med-Large 
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense Mode: Nil 

Used during the 1930's food riots and worker strikes on Earth 25 variant D, these Radio police Automatons were entirely radio controlled by a wide variety of local, state, and federal pre apocalyptic forces. These automatons were used for crowd control, military applications, and even industrial hazardous jobs where human inaction could cause loss of life.
Completely radio controlled with a small portable radio receiver unit, these units are controlled by transmitter sets specially coded to transmit a signal over three miles radius or by one of the main radio towers with a kilometer radius. The radio police automatons were easily one of the most dangerous automatons used during the pre apocaylpytic years. The arms featured small rotating discs which featured lead balls on super strong metallic cords which act as billy clubs capable of breaking bone and flesh. These radio controlled horrors are capable of gliding across pavement with easy and many obstacles in wilderness areas. The automatons had interchangable appendages and tank like feet which when changed over to the off road treads were easily able to navigate many of the hazards of traditional wilderness. The whole mechanism is held upright through a series of gears and gyroscope stabilizers.
Not only do the mechanisms have the lead weight attachments but have speakers capable off issuing orders and communicating with those around them. These speakers can also play music to disorient or confuse targets as well.
The automatons are also capable of creating a tear gas attack equal to a stinking cloud spell up to six times a day.
They also feature head lamps with intensity controls capable of making a blinding attack. All rolls at a - 4 as the light plays havoc with the senses. As the mechanical horrors move in to make claw attacks.
Powered by gasoline engines these automaton were later powered by small nuclear rod fuel cells. Older models still retained the gas powered engines. These types of remote controlled radio automatons were used extensively throughout the world of the '30's and '40's of alternative Earth pre apocalypse. They were used extensively on the pre apocalpytic Mars human colonies and can still be found on Earth and Mars under the control of local warlords and A.I.'s which have the upgraded Robolink
These mechanical horrors are still found extensively throughout the wastelands of this Earth and on Mars within ruins, dungeons, and deep underground where they're still being used for everything from guard duty to industrial applications.
These very dangerous automatons serve even as special space exploratory drones being sent into hazardous and dangerous situations in the blackness of space. They have been found even in the remotest parts of the universe and beyond.
Parts for these units are readily available and manufacturing as well as repurposing of old mechanisms has become a cottage industry into itself. Many A.I.'s use variable battalions of the Radio Police units to keep populations of mutants, aliens, and humans under complete control. 

For Mutant Future

Hit Dice: 30 

Frame: Bio Morph 
Locomotion: Legs, Tracker Feet 
Manipulators: Pincers, Lead Ball Rotors 
Armor Duralloy ( AC 3)
Sensors : Older Models Class I, Newer Class II 
Mental Programming: Transmitter 
Accessories: Radio Link 
Weapons: Tear Gas Outlets, Pincers, Lead Ball Rotors 2d6, Riot Lights As Flash Mutation or Continual Light Spell 

Special thanks to Carcosa Jester and Daniel Tarte of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society for providing the wonderful inspiration and information for this horror. 


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