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Random Space Harlot & Space Hussy Table

Among the cold reaches of space are the space going brothels & "alien princesses" of the evening. These strangers of ill repute may provide a spacer  with some well deserved R&R. They may also provide a gateway to adventure as well. Some of these sex workers don't even use gender as a concept.
The Brothel Table 1d10 
Sometimes enticement isn't enough to keep some of these 'cathouses' in business. They have to offer a bit more incentive. Here are some of the other services they offer 
  1. A former battle station now a space going house of ill repute. Also sells illicit weapons on the side. 
  2. A star destroyer salvaged & remade into a lovely home away from home. The brothel boasts some of the best medical facilities this side of the Empire. Includes surgeon on staff. 
  3. A combination Space Gypsy ship made from 47 different ships boasts a full machine shop & mechanic staff. 
  4. A roving planet fitted with artificial gravity drives. The economy is sustains itself by the selling of specially trained workers off world. 
  5. A former space monk retreat ship offering the services of a wide variety of specialty religions for sale. 
  6. A converted Constitution Class star ship now a tourist ship boasting some of the best scientists around on staff. 
  7. Former Space Academy station now completely overhauled. Boasts some of the best gladiatorial game facilities around capable of broadcasting to 400 worlds. Actually the front for cyber criminals &  deviants 
  8. Alien Organism now one of the largest brothels in existence boasting 400 chambers. Also features complete holographic facilities. Boasts a biomechanical workshop for every graft & taste 
  9. A converted Star Destroyer, this facility boasts its own Amazon military including three hundred soldiers 
  10. A transfomerable giant mechaniod the size of a small moon. Offers some of the best robotic repair facilities around
Random Clients Lost & Found 1d10 
Here's a table of stuff that former spacers & adventurers have left behind 
  1. A strange blue glowing cube. This item murmurs to itself every night. Will sing strange songs to its owner. 
  2. Mi Go Brain Cylinder of a former spacer who claims to know where a fortune is buried 
  3. A strange weapon created from the remains of a former robot. Now being used as a piece of artwork . Will do 1d20 points of damage to any being. Strangely designed for 5 handed humanoids 
  4. The reel to reel tapes containing the secrets of existence. May only be played on tech level 3 computers 
  5. A map to the planet of universe creators. Written 4 different languages. The owner thinks its a painting 
  6. A sanity shattering image of Azathoth hung upside down. 
  7. A crystal gem that shows the last incarnation of the universe before this one. Being sought by religious fanatics 
  8. A crysknife belonging to a former Empire prince. Contains the DNA for the royal house. 1000 credit reward. Part of a planter at the moment 
  9. The skull of an android dictator contains all of the military secrets of its empire. Will yield 200 credits worth of information 
  10. A Tardis now being used as a changing booth. 

Random Space Harlot & Space Hussy Table 1d20 
  1. A soiled dove of a martian who knows the secrets of several military clients. Mouthy, loud, & very brash. Will trade secrets for credits 
  2. A former pleasure bot now working to set itself up as a bounty hunter & assassin. Has practiced on several clients that have gotten out of hand. Knows of several lucrative bounties. Will trade information for upgrades 
  3. A shape shifting geneoid whose body becomes what the client wishes. This creature has no mind of its own but has several stored away. Willing to trade alien forbidden knowledge for spells 
  4. A human spacer male with a map of the former space prison tatted on his back. Will trade several bottles of alcohol for a hologram. The prison is now a fortress for a band of alien mercs 
  5. A fembot working its away across the galaxy for revenge against those who destroyed its civilization 
  6. A telepathic trio of aliens who swear they know the most pleasurable secrets in the universe. Actually telepathic con artists selling the dreams & wants of the clients as art work. Making a killing on it. Willing to sell those dreams to the highest bidder 
  7. A former human mercenary whose sex has been changed by an alien dna curse. Willing to trade military knowledge for sequencing technology.  This person will return to their former sex within 1d4 hours 
  8. Alien hive mind in the form of a play being pin up. The hive mind infects clients & uses them as spies for its upcoming invasion of the galaxy. Willing to talk however & it likes the hours. 
  9. A male Earth man very much in demand. Late 22 century time lost. Has knowledge of certain artifacts however. Willing to trade knowledge for credits 
  10. An amoeba that eats every 1d3 clients. Acts as an art critic & fence on the side. 
  11. An android who can change characteristics to meet the needs of its clients. 4th level scientist. Willing to trade knowledge for power cells. 
  12. Transformable with a multi brain. Fast processing, knows 44 forms of sexual practices along with their variations. 4th level cyber criminal & master hacker . Will work on the side as hireling 
  13. An assassin spy working the inside. Will not perform at all. Will kill client 
  14. A planar succubus on mission for planar arch devil. The work is fun for it. Nasty disposition. Has map of planar destination
  15. A strange humanoid creature the last of its species searching for an adventurer willing to help it. Has 20,000 credits stashed & wants to start an interstellar war 
  16. A former star ship captain now condemned to this life. Very bitter & pissed off about it. Knows the secrets to several hidden treasures. Very bad reputation 
  17. A telepathic priestess that has remained with her virtue intact by giving clients telepathic illusions. Searching for her former pupil now lost in the trade. Willing to trade information for help 
  18. A traveling sales person now turned into a slave by an alien drug. 300 credit reward! 
  19. A sorceress who uses magics to give the "ultimate pleasure" actually collecting the sexual organs from clients for an unknown purpose. Willing to trade forbidden magics for credits 
  20. A god in illusionary form checking for a special worshiper. Very much a one time trick. Willing to grant a special wish to an adventurer willing to help it

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