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Kick Start Thursday - The Monolith from beyond Space and Time

Edit #1: Green Devil Face #5 added as a perk for all levels of sponsorship. See Update #1.

What is The Monolith from Beyond Space and Time?

The Monolith from beyond Space and Time is a 32 page A5-size adventure written for the LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Grindhouse Edition game, but also directly compatible with other "Old School Renaissance" systems and the classic 70s and 80s games that spawned them. The adventure is written by James Edward Raggi IV with additional material by Kenneth Hite, with all artwork done by Aeron Alfrey.

The adventure is a wild one. Suitable for use in absolutely any campaign world, suitable for character levels 0-∞, absolutely any GM can use this for their game. Inspired by Lovecraft (but leaving out Cthulhu, the Necronomicon, and all such references and equivalents!), the Monolith adventure features an alien structure which phases in and out of time and space. (The title, it is descriptive, no?) The adventure is about the player characters encountering and dealing with the alien environment caused by the Monolith's presence and the effects it has on those in the physical world.

I'll go on record now and say this is going to be one of the wildest adventures your group will ever play. 

What is The God that Crawls?

The God that Crawls is a 32 page book containing an adventure (+ foldout map section) written for LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Grindhouse Edition game and directly compatible with other "Old School Renaissance" systems and the classic 70s and 80s games that spawned them. The adventure is written by James Edward Raggi IV with artwork by Jason Rainville.

The adventure, for character levels 1-2, presents the God that Crawls, its lair (a three-level dungeon!), and the cult that worships it. Fairly standard setup twisted and made interesting and horrific in the LotFP tradition.

But that's not all! The adventure was originally planned for 16 pages, but technical printing issues require it to be 32 pages, so we're including a mini-rules supplement. Firearms, replacing the demi-human classes in the game, and more!

About Both Books

The books will be printed and shipped from Finland, and we're looking at an April print date.

Please note that this a Sponsorship, not a simple pre-order. Because of currency fluctuations and boring business details like varying shipping and tax expenses depending on your location, the exact cost of each project is unknown until it goes to the printer. Plus check out one of the perks of the Monolith class sponsorship. With all that in mind, we've made blanket contribution categories that cost bit more than if you bought these after release. But we're doing this IndieGoGo thing because we want LotFP to release projects faster. Contribute if you do too, with the bonus of getting yourself some perks in the process. If you don't like the setup, wait for the books to be released and buy them then. Easy. :D

Details about the Art Print

Crawling God and Monolith Class sponsorships receive an A4 size full color original art print by an LotFP artist of your choice (available: Rowena Aitken, Aeron Alfrey, Dean Clayton, Eric Lofgren, Rich Longmore, Jason Rainville, Amos Orion Sterns) depicting a scene from any published LotFP release of your choice. After you receive your print, the art will be posted on the LotFP blog.

YOU are the art director! You dictate what you want the art to depict, and then the artist of your choice will produce it (always subject to artistic interpretation, mind you!) and you will then receive a one of a kind art print. Note that the artists may have prior commitments (Alfrey and Rainville are right now working on their bits for the Monolith and God, for instance!) so the art may not be done IMMEDIATELY!! but we'll get it to you as soon as possible.

Note that this art is for you, and will not be used in LotFP publications without explicit permission, separate from this IndieGoGo campaign, from both you and the artist.

More Details about the Monolith Class Sponsorship

In addition to the perks listed above, a Monolith Class sponsorship also gives you up to 5 print copies of the book shipped first class as gifts to whoever you wish (1 per giftee, you must provide their addresses which are different than your own!).

In addition to that, $400 of every Monolith Class sponsorship goes to offsetting the cost of both books' final retail price in both print and PDF. Those willing and able to purchase a Monolith level sponsorship are directly helping both LotFP and every LotFP fan.

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