Friday, February 3, 2012

Bitchin' 70s Van Art Science Fantasy Encounter Tables

Bitchin' 70s Van Art Science Fantasy  Encounter Table
  1. Half Naked Warrior/Wizard Queen on a Pegasus  4 hit points with a staff of the magi 
  2. Ralph Bakshi Orc Magic User 4th level with Globe of Transference 
  3. Warrior Queen astride a Reptilian Mount 4th level Amazon 
  4. Wizard & Familiar In the Wastelands of Time 
  5. Storm Troopers out In the Wasteland 2nd level Fighters 20+ Number 
  6. 5 Lost City Ruins Guarded By Demons 3 hit points 
  7. Dr. Strange Journeying Across the Cosmos With Demons of Denack on His Heels Roll 1d10 to determine # appearing, 3 hit points each 
  8. Ralph Bakshi Demon & Orc Army Lost in Time Looking For A Fight! 20+ Level 2 Fighters With a Shaman leader! 
  9. Psychic Knight In Battle With Dragon Lost Within Space &  Time! 
  10. The Hulk Wandering Across The Trackless Dimensions 30% of Attacking The Party 10% of ignoring the party

Some images in table from Here


  1. This is The Greatest Post Of All Time.

    When I was a kid, there was neighborhood guy who was totally into the 1970s van phenom. He had this brown van with bubble windows, and there was a big Frazetta barbarian on the side...

    ...but a few months later, Star Wars came out...

    ...and his van changed almost overnight to a white one with Darth Vader and 2 stormtroopers.

    (And if I remember right, he changed it later around Empire's release to be all-black-but-covered-in-stars, with a Death Star and a new Darth Vader pic.)

  2. Think I'll ask my wife if we can buy a van! : )

  3. I used to love this style of art when I was a kid as well. This was a fun post of me playing around with an idea that a stoner buddy of mine came up with. There will be more posts then like this!
    Glad I'm not the only one who misses these types of art work Justin!
    Bill they're out there for sale as I understand. Try "flea bay" & in this economy they're probably for sale as well! These vans got me interested in graphics art & air brushing! Thanks for the wonderful comments & there will be more!


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