Monday, February 27, 2012

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Part 6 - Mantis & His Hordes For Carcosa

Alignment : Chaotic 
# Appearing: 1 
HD:4-12 Variable depending upon how much energy he has absorbed
% in Lair:10% /on Apokolips 68% 
4th Level Fighter 
Treasures: H 
# Appearing With: 10 -100 2nd level Fighter aka Bugs 

Mantis is the leader of a colony of humanoid insects that migrated from New Genesis, in return for his fealty Darkseid gifted him with great power. He typically spent time in a power pod recharging his energies but he could also absorb energies sent at him by an opponent such as Green Lantern. Mantis has at times served as Darkseid's lackey and, like many of the denizens of Apokolips, has occasionally risen up against his master.

Powers and abilities

Mantis is the second most powerful being on Apokolips, second to only Darkseid himself.[2]Mantis is an energy vampire who can project tremendous blasts of energy and absorb any form of energy or any power source,[2] including a power ring[3] or even the powers of a super being (as he did against the Martian Manhunter[4]). He can even absorb magic, and can turn any energy against an opponent.[5] Mantis can also teleport[6] and open up his own boom tubes[7] and he can charge matter with energy.[8] Mantis' energy powers enables him the ability to sense and detect energy, enabling him to even sense an opponent who is invisible.[5] He can even strike beings who are intangible with his energy blasts.[5]
Mantis possesses a "thermal touch" which enables him to generate heat and he can create "frigi-blocks" which traps opponents in ice.[9] Mantis' most dangerous power is his ability to generate antimatter. He can destroy anything he touches by creating anti-matter in the object that he touched.[2] Mantis can generate and build large amounts of cosmic energy through his power pod, which he keeps underground and heavily guarded.[2] If he uses too much energy up in a battle or becomes heavily injured he will flee to his power pod to recharge.
Alongside his vast energy manipulating abilities Mantis also possesses vast super strength, durability and stamina.[9] He also possesses super human speed, agility and reflexes and can fly.[2] Like all members of the Fourth World Mantis is immortal.

Mantis Powers
All attacks do half damage & he regenerates as a troll. He may teleport without error 3 times per day & open a 'boom tube' to any dimensional location. He may sense or detect magic or technology as per the spell. 
Mantis may also detect invisible enemies  as well. He may also heat metal as per the druid spell & create  "frigi-blocks" as per the wand of ice magic item.
Three times per day Mantis may generate   antimatter. doing 1d8 points of damage in an object per round.
 He has strength as a hill giant & will readily engage in hand to hand with any enemies
Mantis can generate and build large amounts of cosmic energy through his power pod which if he is truly injured in combat he will teleport & retreat to. This pod will act as a cure light wounds spell each day allowing the cosmic demi god to repair himself.

Mantis On Carcosa
Mantis should be used with care by the Dungeon Master he's a 4th level fighter capable of tremendous violence against a party. If Darkseid has sent him to Carcosa or another planet then there is a damn good reason for him to be there!
Mantis would be sent after a very powerful artifact or object that the Lord of Darkness has lost! He'll be in the most heinous areas where monsters & objects beyond the ken of mere morals may challenge him!
If a party meets him this is definitely a case of 'Oh Sh*t Run'! Mantis will not ask or give quarter! He's a very nasty enemy who will remember slights against him!
The Mantis on Carcosa is a clone warrior created by Darkseid after the Infinity  man tore his heart out! This creature is prowling the ruins looking for the bits & pieces of the anti life equation! 
Mantis has set up a base within the ruins of the radioactive desert & sending out his bug warriors to recon the desert for rumors of the equation. He keeps well away from the Great Old Ones however. 
He has access to some of the highest levels of technology that Darkseid can give him.


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  3. To be honest, Mantis is a DC character that I'm not that familiar with. Nice write up.

  4. Trey - Glad you like 'em. Hard to get the powers tweaked just right! The 4th world stuff is some of my favorite stuff out there. Very weird & evocative! Thanks for the idea! There will be more!
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