Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Review - The Alchemist Shoppe: City Series #2

 *** 1/2 Stars 

The Alchemist Shoppe: City Series #2 

   Wargames South is a pretty new little company run by Jim Beach & has put together a quick gateway product for a night's game. This is a very fast product with no stats whatsoever. There is the alchemist, his shop, his daughter, & the contents of the shop. I believe that after reading through this product one could use it for an urban game mostly.  Its a available Here 
 For a dollar you get a quick location that can venture off into the wilds of a fantasy city. I kept reading the product over & thinking of  the home city of Lankhmar. But like a Chinese lunch I was left wanting more. There should be charts giving random stuff about the contents of the place perhaps a quick encounter. This is a gateway product & leads one into thinking about 4 things: 
  1. Urban adventures & what secrets the alchemist & his daughter might have. They could be a great source of adventures & as a PC resource. 
  2. The shop needs to be fleshed out more but this is a dollar product & my issues might simply me wanting more 
  3. Fantasy City locations are tricky things & this product might fill in something a DM needs to print off quickly 
  4. If time is taken by the DM this location might become a very memorable place. 

This is an interesting product if used correctly by the Dungeon Master & in the final analysis its a good game product for what it does. I'll be keeping an eye on War Games South in the future. Its worth the dollar you pay &  for what it does. System neutral  is good in my book.
Nice idea, very generic, & fits the bill for customization. 

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