Friday, February 3, 2012

Samurai Star Wars By Clinton Felker! Awesome

 brings a whole new meaning to the adapt "Star Wars To This Era" craze. These are insanely nice. I can't really say which ones I like more. They're even more detailed then you can see here. His site has them all in very beautiful detail. I know that the samurai movies of the 60s from Japan were a huge influence on George Lucas, to tell you the truth I want to see this movie rather then the new 3 D Star Wars release. You can buy the Boba Fett one on ebay for 35.00 which isn't bad at all. For me to say that I'm not going to be filing these away someplace for a future Star Wars game would be me lying very badly. Anyhow from his ebay add - Hello my name is Clinton Felker. I'm a concept artist. This is my interpretation of what Star Wars Characters would look like if they lived in Feudal Japan. I have done a series of character concepts. This one is of Boba Fett in multiple view for fabrication.
You can see all of these in great detail Here

Samurai Boba Fett 

Samurai Yoda

Samurai Storm Trooper

Samurai Storm Trooper

Samurai Darth 


  1. There's also this guy. He makes customized Star Wars figures, usually to fit a genre that inspired Star Wars. He has a samurai set among others.

  2. Sillof's workshop is pretty awesome as well. I think that he's done some awesome creations. His seem more inspired by the by Akira Kurosawa Seven Samurai classic.
    Clinton Felker's are much more of a video game appeal genre to me. Also Felker's might be something found within the annals of a comic book rather then on the screen per say.
    I find both rather useful however as fodder for the imagination & thanks for the comment & the link! Stay Tuned there's more to come!

  3. Those Stormurai still won't hit shit!

  4. Nope probably not if they went to the same school as the other stormtroopers!


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