Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fantastic Science Fiction Covers & A D10 Random Table Of Space Heroines In Distress Table

D10 Random Table Of Space Heroines In Distress Table 
  1. A stranded Martian Princess needs to be saved from a marauding band of Thark Slavers. She has the secret plans for a wizard's battle fortress on her space craft. The reactor is going critical! 
  2. This insectoid space princess has more then the leaking antimatter drive on her mind. Her brother wishes to rule her kingdom & she is pregnant with spawn who will eat their way out of her within 34 hours! These 2 hit point insects will devour anything that they can get a hold of! 
  3. This lady in distress is more then she appears! She is actually the leader of a mysterious band of space pirates. She is looking for her band's next victims & guess who she's picked! If the tables are turned she's worth 4000 credits to the pirates or the authorities! 
  4. This druidic princess is the head of a council & needs to find a suitable mate within 25 hours time. She needs to get married to keep her crown! The council of ents on her world needs her to make a decision... soon. 
  5. This amazon princess is tracking her little sister across the universe & needs a band of heroes to help her! She will pay 200 credits a hand & is looking for trust worthy adventurers for her sister is has been captured by a litch! 
  6. This damsel isn't what she appears instead she is a 3 million year old alien vampire queen in search of fresh prey. She has a treasury of vast wealth however. Getting might be another matter for her family will seek revenge if she is destroyed! 
  7. This alien fey princess is looking for a mate for her brother. She needs some of strong temperament to tame his evil ways. Her brother is searching for his true love. There is a bounty hunter looking for both of them! 
  8. This princess is looking for a band of warriors to help her get back her father from the clutches of a band of pirates.. The pirate leader has stolen a galactic mater converter one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. She has the plans for the weapon & knows its weakness. 
  9. This competent Amazon warrior is looking for a band of heroes to join with. She is searching for a suitable mate who will become the latest sacrifice to her tribe's heathen god! 
  10. This princess is on the run from an evil space dragon.  Nothing complicated that's it! 

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