Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Joining The Occupy Carcosa Movement

So for the past couple of months I've been toying with the idea of replacing my Geoffrey McKinney's original Carcosa book with a brand new bound copy. I've watched every video review of the book from Samwise7's joint review to one with a dragon puppet.
 I've tracked down every scrap of information on the setting I could. The reasons are why are pretty endless. 
Perhaps its simply because the setting clicks with me. I get the jungle drums, the journey into the heart of darkness feel, the weird Lovecraftian take, the Kirby like alien technology, etc. 
I've been right at the heart of the controversy as it erupted on  the Dragon's foot forums. Watched endless storm in a tea cup arguments over the rituals & whatnot. As it was going on I quietly contacted the author who believe it or not is a normal family guy going over the love of the original  Dungeons & Dragons. He just seem to think that there could be lots more done with the game. I tend to agree.

 So then the new edition of the game comes out I saved for months for the book. It was really the art work that got me. Then about a week ago I read this blog Here
Picked up the phone & ordered it. 
There are at least a few reasons for joining the Occupying Movement For Carcosa 
  1. For far too long have the sanity shattering magics of the Mythos been practiced on the planet without challenge. The setting is so grim that it needs heroes! 
  2. The store houses of technology must be raided for the greater good! 
  3. There are a myriad of worlds where the Aliens have caused far too much trouble & these need to be cataloged & then wiped out! 
  4. I really, really, want to write a module for this setting. 
  5. The idea of Hexcrawling appeals to me. The game setting is very rich in details. I want to explore those details with my players. 
  6. There were was a post recently on The Doom World Of Carcosa about bringing your D&D game to the setting. I really want to try them Here
  7. The book looks really pretty. 
  8. There's been endless posts about how nice it is. 
  9. I've been dying to do a review of the book & the Lamentations Of The Flame Princess system needs a good solid test run by my players. 
  10. I want to get into the mature nature of the setting. See what makes this tick & really get a sorcerer character a workout. 
You can expect more posts on this subject soon. We'll see when the book arrives.. Can't wait! 


  1. Truth be told, if I were fortunate enough to have one of the original booklets, I probably still would have purchased the reprint, too.

    Thanks for the link, by the way.

  2. Thank's S.P.! Welcome aboard! First thanks for the comment & I've pretty much fallen in love with the book as well as the setting. Thanks for sentiments & I'll be getting into more details about the setting coming up! Jeffery created something truly weird in Carcosa. Your welcome for the link. There's more to come including lots of original stuff for this setting as well.

  3. In my very humble opinion, Carcosa is one of the best RPG supplements published in the past decade. Not only did Jeffrey create something weird, he also created something that prompts us to create something weird as well. I think that's Carcosa's true strength.

    @S.P. You are a fortunate man! I think Carcosa is best ran with the 3 Brown Books. Converting back and forth isn't that hard, so I can't complain.
    (BTW, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against LotFP. It's an brilliant game. It's just that Carcosa feels like a game that is best ran with oD&D.)

  4. Well first welcome aboard Tony Reyes! Second I feel that the LoFP is like the Arduin reprints. Its simply better organized easier to get through & the organization is better done. The setting is fantastic & I think that any old school system will handle it with bells on. So we'll see what I can do with it.


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