Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back To A Post Apocalyptic Mars -Preparation Time

A hidden valley on Mars who knows what secrets it holds 
So now I've got to get back into the swing of the Friday night game based on my post apocalypse Mars.
 The party is currently with a group of mercenaries & I skip a week or so because of work commitments & a player being sick with the Black Death. It this time I've had to fade back & really dig into what I'll be doing.Here's what I've come up with so far for Friday's game!
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Read through Gulliver of Mars 

Available Here

Martian Enslaver Ship 
No Enc:1d3 
Alignment: Chaotic (Evil)
Intelligence: Genius
Armor Class:7
Hit Dice : 20
Attacks: 3 
Damage:1d6 Heat Ray /1d3 stun damage 
Psionic Strength:15 
Hoard: X

Carcosa Stats 

Moves 15/36
% in Lair: 45% 

These ships rage across the face of  Mars looking for folks to capture & process slaves. These ships stun any humanoids they encounter. The prey are then placed in stasis for processing back at their mines. These slaves are put into work in the radium mines of Mars. This radium is processed into the strange weird fuel rods the Martians use. Those slaves who escape are hunted down & blasted into oblivion. The slavers are very, very persistent. They will follow prey for 1d20 months.  

A Weird Encounter - A War Machine Of The Illuminated One 
A village of Red Martian Neanderthals is being attacked by a mind boggling huge war machine. This pinball monstrosity  is gathering, capturing, & processing Red Martians as fast as possible. There are loads of strange sub units flying around. 
1d6 Quick Random Combat Encounters
  1. 1d6 catcher units 2 hit points each
  2. 1d10 gatherer units tank like. 3 hit points each. Can hold 4 humanoids each 
  3. 1d3 fighter units each armed with a stunner doing 1d6 points of damage 2 hit points each.
  4. 3 capturer units with energy cages. 3 hit points  floaters 
  5. 4 processing machines with freeze rays (as the spell) 3 hit points metallic beetle like machines 
  6. 3 eye units floaters 1d6 damage 2 hit points 
The main machine has 25 hit point. There is a central eye tentacle that will pop out! Its 250 yards long & fires 1d10 damage short heat ray. It has a 100 foot range. There are 1d6 metallic tentacles. They stun targets with 1d4 points of  stunning damage

Random Post Apocalypse  Mars Finds 1d10 

  1. Space Alien mummy -3 pounds corpse, psionic, evil,& very pissed off. Will attempt possession 
  2. A field of scattered metallic rods each will float in the air for 1d4 rounds 
  3. A cracked Globe of Transference will cause headaches in 1d10 rounds 
  4. A field of broken energy weapons none of which work. 
  5. A fuel rod fully charged! 
  6. A pair of skulls alien & very psionically active. Will grant 1d4 random psionic powers for 1d3 rounds then must rest at sun set 
  7. An entire field of  tee shirts that say Nasa on them 
  8. Parts of a robot, in face 1d10 parts of several robots will assemble one engineering robot if assembled will take 1d10 days to find all of them 
  9. A martian dragon hawk harness without the leather strapping 
  10. A toaster with a red angry looking light. Its beeping 

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