Thursday, February 23, 2012

Actual Play - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Game

They survived!  DAMN IT! 
 The players had the audacity to survive against hoards of desert gnolls while the dwarven warrior priest had been turned to stone during the night as the party slept!
The bard was able to charm them while their warrior saved him while almost getting petrified by a mutant Medusa!

 The dwarf was about to be loaded aboard a flyer

The party escaped into the mountains as the flyer exited the underground bunker.

The party spent the day within the shadow of the mountains & made camp!
Phase two of my fiendish plan!

The party waited it night fall when they were attacked by a pack of ghouls. It took them most of the game to dispatch them because their cleric had been turned to stone! These ghouls were the Lovecraftian variety! I gave them some bowmen who harassed them throughout the night.

I poured the undead horrors from the red sands & they continued to plow through them! The red sands of Mars were green with the decayed cold blood of the undead!

My dice were colder then a crypt!
The morning's light saw the party's mistake of camping inside the irradiated wasteland of a former battle ground! This is  one of the numerous battles that had happened on  Mars! The ghouls turned to stone in the morning light. Their now on their way to a capital city!

They live another day & I've yet to turn this campaign over to Crypts & Things! So I'm still in OSR Hybrid land for now!
The At The Earth's Core is powered by Crypts & Things however! I may call a campaign workshop over the weekend if I don't end up playing Stormbringer! 

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