Sunday, February 26, 2012

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Part 5- The Para Demons For Carcosa

Created by the Space God Darkseid these monsters are sent to overwhelm their targets! Found on the Hell planet  Apokolips. They are chosen from the most sociopathic and cruel residents before being given gliders and trained in combat.
Alignment: Chaotic 
% In Lair :29% 
Treasure:Nil (weaponry may be recovered 20% of the time)
Para Demons are often sent by Darkseid to various planets & dimensions for the subjugation or retreival of a piece of the anti life equitation. These monsters have been know to haunt the ruins of Carcosa for these very reasons. From time to time they have been snatched by the various space alien races for experimentation & mutation into other monsters. Some also have harvested the hormones used in their creation as an additional combat drug for some of the races of men on Carcosa. They will often be found with a wide variety of high tech energy weapons & missiles. Many of these will be of a highly experimental nature & have a 10% chance of randomly exploding during melee. There is a 5% chance that clerics may be able to turn a para demon flock due to the demon blood used in the monsters creation. Some para demons can  speak and seemed to have more than the rudimentary intelligence most Parademons possess. Many have been shown to enjoy being tortured by their  opponents.
More about these creatures can be found Here
Typical abilities of a Parademon include heightened strength and a high tolerance for pain. Apokaliptian armor grants them the ability of flight.

The Red Para demons variety whose appearance greatly differs from the others. 
The original awesome artwork is found Here


  1. With the parademons here, surely a write-up for Mantis and his hordes can't be far behind and maybe...the Deep Six? ;)

  2. Surely not Trey! Challenge accepted & written up! Thanks for the comment! There's more to come like the Deep Six! As soon as I get an encounter done for this!


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