Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WWI Mecha For Your Old School Post Apcoalpyse Campaign

Electrical Experimenter 1917-07
U.S. Land Battle Ship 
Engine: McNash Drive Turbines, 30 mph max 

Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Furnaces  (300 year lifespan)

Body Style:Battle Ship  Unstable  Surfaces

Handling: Road Worthy , Dex +2 (-2 unpaved)

Frame: Battle Ship , 50 HP
Structure: Sturdy, 5 AC
Modification Allotment: 24 hard points, Plus 2 Main Guns & 2 Minor Guns 

Electrical Experimenter 1916-02
Electro-Gyro Cruiser 

Engine: McFlursire Fly Wheel System 50 Mph max speed, cruising 25 mphs

Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Reactor Furnace  (300 year lifespan)

Body Style:Land Battle Ship , Paved Surfaces

Handling: Excellent, Dex +2 (-2 unpaved)

Frame: Battle Ship, 40 HP
Structure: Sturdy, 4 AC
Modification Allotment:14 hard points plus main gun

Electrical Experimenter 1917-02
Trench Destroyer 
Engine: Diesel Tank Carbine 40 mph max speed, cruising speed 20 mph 
Power/Fuel Source: Atomic Engine (300 year lifespan)
Body Style: Giant Tank , Off Road 
Handling: Excellent, Dex +3 
Frame: Tank , 40 HP
Structure: Sturdy, 4 AC
Modification Allotment: 10 hard points 

These mecha saw lots of action leading up to the Extended War From 1914 to 2343, the cultural exchange between Earth & Barsoom enabled all nations to extend their arsenals to levels never seen before. The horrors of war raged across planet Earth until there were no area left untouched.  The United States did not get involved in the "Great War" in Europe but instead followed its isolationist tendencies to such an extreme ("The East for the East...The West for the West") that no one from the United States has gone past 30 degrees or 175 degrees latitude.  The United States being drawn in to the war with the last 50 years of its final phase.These mecha can still be found in the collections of military professors & historians. 

  These mecha also saw action on Barsoom when the Earth's engineering innovations kick started the Red  Martian war machine in high gear. With the coming conflict with the Invaders Seen here  the innovations quickly spread across the face of Barsoom allowing some advances in warfare. The conflict was quickly fought to a limited 5 day nuclear war. This war has quiet parallels to this conflict seen on Earth Here. These gateway technologies quickly leap frogged mankind into its next phase of interplanetary exploration. We shall be exploring this more in up coming entries.


  1. That trench destroyer is seriously evil.

  2. Thanks I thought so Lum! There will be more of these to come. Stay tuned & thanks for the comment!


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