Monday, February 20, 2012

Akira The Movie As Inspiration For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic rpg

 I feel that the trailer that your about to see is a love letter to the film Akira.This isn't the Akira that I'd want to see in a movie theater but I wouldn't mind seeing different directors takes on the film as a homage to it. The trailer is interesting & taken on its own merits offers some interesting ideas, options, & a different vision of this classic 

There are very few classic old school animes that really tick all of the right buttons without pulling any punches. Back in the 80s when VCRS were all of the rage & Japaneseanimastion was a big thing. The first thing I rented was Akira. It was like having my face kicked in.. The visuals the post apocalyptic story, the cults, the visuals for Neo Tokyo, the entire feel of this disparate, sprawling world  raped my brain for quite awhile.
 I've seen the film in a big screen theater & went on to use elements of it in Metamorphis Alpha, Gamma World, Mutant Future, etc.  I never really thought of those rpgs as really that goofy because this film showed me one possibly way of conveying some of the post apocalyptic elements in terms that could shred a players notions of what could be done. 

If it sounds like I'm up my own arse on this one, please bare with me. I was at Ground Zero when this controversy raged. The comic shop out in Mancester Ct not the controversy.  Marvel Epic had dropped the ball with the comic adaptation for some reason & I think Dark Horse picked it up later. Or it was some such. I had the whole issue "explained" to me by 3 comic book fans. After an hour of this stuff I walked away with the firm conviction never to be that rabid about fan related stuff. Some of the OSR controversial issues  make me chuckle as well.

There was also some major issues concerning this movie as well. A local parent's group got their panties in a bunch over the violence, content, & super natural themes of the movie. For about a nano second they brought the thing the table at a local city hall. The whole thing blew over when a pastor from a local church viewed the movie & thought the message of the film was positive.One of the few times I've seen reason over come stupidity.

This pretty much sums up my fears about a live action version of the movie.
If you need me to explain the old school rpg applications for this movie like the mega dungeon that is Neo Toyko, the use of the weird dooms day cult, the scientist vs military issue, the entity/deity that is Akira & its uses for a science fantasy or regular fantasy well go watch the movie. I do also feel that the psychic powers might be portrayed in this light in certain corners of Carcosa & Human Space Empires. 
Yes it depressing, a bit dated, & its got some weird ideas but believe me its worth a watch.
Excuse me the sound track is in my Ipod at the moment
 If it sounds like I'm up my own butt on this one. Sue me I'm a fan of this movie & wax lyrical about it. I'm not this pedantic in real life. Honestly. Thanks for continuing to read my blog. 

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