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The Ziggurats of Ndehugn An Encounter For At The Earth's Core Crypts & Things

The Ziggurats of Ndehugn

The Ziggurats of Ndehugn before the time of the Great Cataclysm

Ryan: There are some places you really shouldn't go. 
Megan: Up until today you believed there was a line between myth and reality. Maybe a very fine line sometimes but at least there was a line. Those things out there are REAL. If they're real, what else is real? You know what lives in the shadows now. You may never get another night's sleep as long as you live.

Dog Soldiers (2002

Genesis 6:4 

The Nephilim were in the land in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

They have existed since before recorded time, sitting like evil things in the jungles of Pellucidar . They sit under the unblinking sun as a figure head of evil against the sanity of the world. No man knows when they arrived, who build them, but they attract the evil, the desperate, the greedy, & those who seek the forbidden. 
There are rumors of madmen & mages who venture to the  Ziggurats of Ndehugn that the Nephilim of old worshiped foul things before the Earth was turned upside down. How the Ziggurats were door ways that allowed many evil beings to gain access to the world & feast on her until the Great Cataclysm allowed them to be swallowed up. But evil such as these will not easily die or be destroyed  
They lay scattered across the face of this inner world chaotically & there are rumors of these relics from beyond Earth moving about when no sane soul stares at them. 
From time to time it is said that the  Ziggurats of Ndehugn sit upon the former sites of the Elder Things themselves but for what purpose remains unknown. 

The Ziggurats of Ndehugn are said to be cursed for where they dwell the jungles are at their thickest, the dinosaurs are the fiercest, & the drums of ancient forbidden gods echo through the canopy. Ancient giants guard  these places. 
The tribes that do dwell within the shadows of these horrors from beyond are far more aggressive then their neighbors. Many are horrid mutants twisted by the strange burning radiations that sometimes shine from these places. Others are servants of the Mythos races or alien horrors  that emerge from some forgotten corner of the oververse.
The Mahars themselves refuse to speak of the foul lecherous horrors & spawn that emerge from time to time from these places. They dispatch thousands of shagoth gorilla  warriors to deal with whatever foul thing comes forth. Meanwhile the Serpent Men make their pilgrimages to this places hurling epitaphs to Yig from the highest black basalt pillars

The Bardeks
Armor Class:5(14)
Hit Dice:3
Attacks:Claw(1 hp+level drain)
Saving Throw :14
Special:Level Drain (1 level), can only be hit by magical weapons because they are only partial within our time space continuum 
Challenge Level:4/240

The Bardeks a group insect like horrors from beyond  infra-dimensional space that is looking to use Pellucidar as resource rich land. They pose now as infra - dimensional warriors & mercenaries but these horrors will drag away anyone whom they can get their talons on beyond all time & space to their weird hell of a world beyond! 
 The Bardeks are originally found Here

The Ebony Ziggurats visited & claimed by the surviving Nazi during post '48 during the Occult Wars 

Random Encounters Within 100 miles of The Ziggurats of Ndehugn 1d10 

  1. 1d4 wizards & 1d10 cavemen bodyguards/warriors carrying out raids for human sacrifices 
  2. 1d6 Velociraptors favored of Yig hunting for prey & scouting for their serpent men masters  
  3. Baleful Eye of a deity scanning for prey. Disappears within 1d3 rounds 
  4. Mahar hunting party 1d4 looking for prey! 
  5. For 1d4 miles there is unearthly chanting which stops each time you listen for it 
  6. 1d6 females or youths of various tribes running through the under brush being pursued by unknown assailants 
  7. Dinosaur Stampede! 1d20 dinosaurs are fleeing into the jungle as a shaggoth breaks through the jungle trees! The hideous fiend grabs a few dinosaurs & still seems hungry. It begins gliding in your general direction 
  8. A Giant Flying Head Moves Silently Over The Landscape Slowly Surveying Everything. The 30 ton gliding head disappears over the horizon in 1d4 rounds 
  9. The ground erupts is a fountain of giant centipedes chirping the praises of the Old Ones. They will attack within 1d2 rounds when done. 
  10. A giant biological/bio-mechanical craft floats silently over head shooting out tentacles picking up specimens & such every 1d4 rounds. Its coming your way now. 


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