Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crypts & Things Update !!

Crypts and Things cover by Jon Hodgson

Here's an update on Crypts & Things From Newt Newport!  I can't wait & I've got a jump on a  Saturday game over my friend Larry's house. There will be more! 

"Apologies for the silence on my part.
Pre-orders of books will be ordered and start shipping to you all this week. I will keep you updated with their progress. Those of you who also ordered T-shirts, they will be shipping seperately.
;O) Newt"

 Here's a blow by blow listing of the chapters & a partial preview of the book in pdf!  Here


  1. I'm starting my new campaign with these rules on Monday :)

  2. I'm starting my new campaign Saturday! Although I have no idea what its going to be yet!?!
    There's a blog entry coming up later today or this evening explaining!
    Thanks for the comment Simon but there will be more! Stay tuned!


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