Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tree Like City For Your Retro Future Rpg Campaign

A city of Epic proportions is visible here in this incredible illustrations from the April 1934 issue of Popular Science! These are awesome imagine the most incredible noir like city for a retro science fiction or post apocalyptic world! These are from the retro future blog Paleofuture. According to them 'The April, 1934 issue of Popular Science Monthly ran this illustration by B. G. Seielstad, which shows the city of the future as it was imagined by British writer R. H. Wilenski'
 These incredible towers would cast very long shadows indeed & who knows what dastardly deeds were committed in the dark side of them!
The article goes on to say:
Shaped like trees with slender trunks, homes and office buildings of the future may rise into pure air on pedestals of steel. Our artist presents here his conception of this startling proposal, made recently by R. H. Wilenski, noted British architect. The scheme leaves the ground level virtually unobstructed. Each building is supported upon a single, stalk-like shaft of steel or strong, light alloys, resting in turn upon a massive subterranean foundation. Modern advances in the design of high-speed elevators simplify the problems of transporting passengers between the buildings and the earth. Access from one building to another is provided by a system of suspension bridges, and stores and places of recreation contained in the building make it possible to dwell aloft for an indefinite time without needing to descend. Gigantic, luminous globes are placed at strategic points to light the aerial city by night, while by day the inhabitants enjoy the unfiltered sunshine and fresh air of their lofty nests.
 You can read the whole thing Here

 This would be a perfect operation for an old school game set in a Metropolis style world with strange steampunk criminals, weird cults, pulp like space craft, etc.

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