Monday, February 6, 2012

Neutral Mass Weapons - A Black Code Weapon For Your Retro Future Old School Game

Neutral Mass Weapon 
This weapon  nails the target with an anti planar beam of high density Anti Zeta Rays causing horrific wounds.
The effects aren't pretty doing 1d10 points of damage that only cure light wounds or better spells will heal. They have range of 200" though & can distort the local time space continuum 
Another affect the weapon has is the way it attacks the target, absorbing whatever light is in its path, increasing its power, then completely and fusing the opening and exit wounds.There are other qualities these weapons possess. 
  1. The weapons is made of an undetectible material.
  2. The weapon is illegal on Earth and because it was used only for Off-World combat.
  3. They may only be purchased in some of the more exotic alien markets such as CH're & SEREW The so called Siren's World. 
These weapons show up in the hands of assassin droids,replicants, & far worse. They are also part of the standard armaments of some. 
These weapons have a black code against them on many worlds & have far reaching  time pollution issues. Many local areas are affected after long term wars where these types of weapons were used.
Finally the ammo for this weapon is expensive at 200 credits a piece for a clip of 10 rounds 
Local Random Time Pollution Effects Table 1d10 
  1. Those with a 20" radius of the battle site must make a dex or saving throw or be sucked into the astral through a planar hole 
  2. The local arrow of time is slightly bent & use must repeat any actions for 1d3 rounds before the action actually takes place 
  3. Puddles of liquid time are here & there around the battle site anyone touching these clear, silvery liquid puddles must make a saving throw or be aged 1d20 years 
  4. Planar Shredding The area has mirco planar fractures that do 1d8 points of damage to those caught in them! Bits & pieces are randomly teleported around the cosmos. There is a blue hazing effect when this happens 
  5. The area creates a sphere of annihilation which will track anything within a  200 yard radius. Living things cause the sphere discomfort which it will try to remove asap 
  6. Time crystals grow around the area causing weird rainbow time distortions lose 1d10 minutes, hours, days. The crystals can be harvested if you can get close to the electrical arches between them. 1d4 points of damage from each strike 
  7. Toxic time spheres float in the air. They will reverse the aging process & erase 1d6 memories from your character unless a saving throw is made. Take your highest attribute & drop it by 1 point every 3 rounds. A lightning bolt can shatter these weird purple pink spheres! 
  8. Undead Time Gnomes Out For Blood! 1d4 # appearing count as wights! Can be killed with fire or magic. 
  9. The entire area within 1d100 yards has a zone of silence & antimagic around it. The place attracts mutant predators into it. Only a druid pure of heart may heal the land 
  10. A combination of 1d3 above 

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